Hi there everyone, welcome back to another Good Morning Mondays link up.

How has your past week been??? What have you been up to???

I am going to admit to you all that I am struggling with my motivation levels.  I didn’t get school started this week and we only did a bit of music practice so I am looking for any advice on how to kick start myself.

I need to get to bed earlier and then it will not be so hard getting up. I am grateful that my husband is an early riser and he is good at getting us all going.

He has been working long hours this past week, trying to get on top of a job he has on at the moment.  He has nearly finished and hopefully he will be getting home earlier than the 9 pm that it has been lately.

He took some time off on Wednesday though to take us to Warrnambool as I wanted to get some fabric from Spotlight and he needed a new seal for his milking machine.  We did have a lovely time and managed to run around and get a few errands done.

I got on top of our book work this past week, which is great. I was a bit behind so it definitely took some concentrating.

We had music lessons and we all went in to town for that, even our no 1 son was able to come with us. He hasn’t done that for ages so it was really nice to spend some time with him like this.

I spent Saturday afternoon sewing a dress for no 2 daughter and she was so thrilled with it. I wasn’t entirely happy with the collar but you can’t see the mistakes unless you are really close up. I bought a couple pieces of fabric and made the cheaper piece up first in case I had big troubles. I even made her a matching ribbon for her hair.

Below is a picture of her in the new dress, it actually looks better in real life, the photo doesn’t do it justice.  DSC_2273I know I say this every week, but our vegetable patch is looking really good.DSC_2265The tomato bushes are laden and the corn cobs are starting to form, there are even pumpkins on the vines and they are the size of a soccer ball.DSC_2264Last year we had good corn, but everything else was pretty dismal. We are picking at least 20 zucchinis a week and I am busy drying them. I am so impressed with how they dry and then how they re-hydrate, very exciting, the possibilities are endless.

Another jar of dried zucchini
Zucchini re-hydrated

The tomatoes in the aquaponics are still going great, but we are struggling with the other vegetables. We have found that we need to have our seedlings and seeds planted before it gets too hot, otherwise they just burn off. Our fish are growing and hopefully by the end of this year we should be able to start eating some.

DSC_2270I am sorry if I am causing those of you in the Northern Hemisphere to have vegetable garden envy, I sort of have a bit of that with regards to your cooler weather. Actually the weather has been very pleasant and the nights cool and we even had an inch of rain in the last week, we are so blessed.

Okay I will stop now, and get onto our link up…

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Thank you to everyone of you for linking up. I know I say it every week but it is true, I appreciate everyone of you and you bless me so much when you take the time to stop by.

What plans do you have for this week??


There you are I said it in bold capital print – so I must mean it!!!

The children are starting violin lessons this week with a lovely home schooled young man. They are both excited and looking forward to it. I am hoping my husband will be able to help them with this when he can as he has an amazing ear, which I don’t, but we will see how we go.

Otherwise, there isn’t too much happening other than the above mentioned school. We have a new Bible program that we are starting and it looks great so we are all ready for that.

We are having friends over next Saturday night for tea and we are all looking forward to that.  They are a lovely family with heaps of children, which our children just love getting together with.

Well that’s it for me this week, I hope and pray that you are all well and that you are using your days to bless each other.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all my dear friends. xxxx

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16 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #63”

  1. It’s always such a pleasure to begin my Sunday with you hosting my, my darling friend, here in Northern Italy the Lord’s Day has just begun !
    To read your posts always fills my heart with joy, also because I see you living Summer days … your daughter is so delightful with her new dress, you’ve truly done a wonderful work and your garden so filled with vegetables while here we’re living the coldest part of our Winteramazes me !
    I wish you a most beaufiful new week, with gratitude

    1. Oh Daniela, thank you so much for your delightful comment, I was so blessed by it. It amazes me how small the world is with this blogging thing and that I can have friends all over the world. Thank you so much for stopping by each week and encouraging me. I find it amazing also that we are in our summer and you are in winter. Have a great week and may God bless you xxxx

  2. Yes, you have definitely made me jealous with that picture of your garden! And not just because you have warmer weather, but also because your garden is so pretty and neat, and it doesn’t look weedy at all. Soon, soon though. Thanks for hosting!

    1. Hey Jennifer, it is so lovely to hear from you. I must admit I take the pictures so you don’t see the weeds, there are a few, but not as many as in past years and it is neat and in rows because my husband sets it out. I am looking forward to seeing your garden in the coming months. Enjoy the cold while you can. Blessings dear friend. xxx

  3. GARDEN ENVY is definitely the word! I’m pulling my canned green beans, tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce off the shelves and thanking God that we are only about four months away from planting!
    I haven’t heard an update on your bones healing for a while. Are you ok?

    1. Hey Michele thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. I’m looking forward to using my harvest in the coming winter months, there is so much joy in that and it is wonderful to know that you are saving heaps of money. Enjoy the cooler weather while you can and I look forward to hearing about your garden in the months to come. My bones are all healed up, thank you for asking. I am still progressing each week and have set myself goals for the coming months. Blessings to you my friend.

  4. I just posted today about a winter storm that we had last week! So yes, it sounds good to read about your milder weather!! I just love reading about your life. It brings to my life a sense of connection with the land, and I rejoice in the many ways that you and your family serve the Lord!!


    1. Thank you so much Sharon for sharing about your winter storm, from here snow sounds just lovely but I am sure it has its down side. Thank you also for your most kind words and I pray that you are blessed this week.

  5. Terri, thanks so much for hosting and for featuring my post from last week. I’m at a conference in Indiana this week and it is COLD … VERY COLD! So your warm weather sounds especially appealing! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hey Donna, thanks for stopping by and it was my pleasure to feature your post. I hope your conference is going well and that you can handle the cold, I am sure it will be warm there and cold here before we know it. Thanks for being so faithful in linking up. Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, as always it is lovely to hear from you. Yes I do can our vegetables as well but the dehydrator is new and I am quite thrilled with it so that is why I am using it more. I will can some zucchini and some corn and hopefully some pumpkin in the coming months. I still have beans and corn left over from last year too. I enjoy looking at it all stacked in my pantry that I don’t like to use it, funny I know. Have a great week and blessings to you.

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