Hey there everyone and welcome to another Good Morning Mondays.

It has been a quiet week in the blog world and that was probably a bit good (although I missed you all) as we butchered 9 pigs and cut up 1 cow for our freezers.

I started schooling in the afternoons earlier in the week and I was really pleased with the results. The children were more settled and we actually got heaps done.

I have written up a schedule for them and set up specific times for maths, english and music. We actually are able to fit in more subjects. So thank you to the Farmer’s Wife for her great post which gave me the idea.

On Thursday our son-in-law and daughter and girls came down in the afternoon.  Our No 1 son and son-in-law went wood cutting and brought home a couple of loads of wood, to help keep us warm.

My husbands parents came over in the afternoon as well and my father-in-law helped my husband butcher 3 pigs whilst my mother-in-law chatted to us and talked to the children.

It was a lovely afternoon and we all shared tea together in the evening. Below is a picture of them all at the table.

DSC_1667There were 4 generations sitting around the table together sharing a meal, what a blessing.

In total we butchered 9 pigs over 2 days and we spent Friday cutting and mincing up the pork and then Saturday dealing with the beef.

We made 100 kgs of sausages and then ran out of skins so we have some lovely flavoured mince in the freezer. We smoked all the hocks and soup bones from the pigs and they will be lovely in soups and stews.

We had aged the beef for 3 weeks and the steaks were incredibly tender, and the remainder we minced.  We still have another 2 pigs to butcher but these will be used for bacon and roasts and another younger cow to do for roasts and more steaks. This should see us out then for the rest of the year, it is lovely to not have to buy meat.

Our son-in-law and daughter were able to take home quite a few meals as well, which is wonderful.

Here is our No 1 son and son-in-law working on cutting up the beef.
DSC_1684Here is our back verandah (and our No 1 daughter) where we cut everything up. It was cold but manageable. DSC_1686And now because you only got puppy photos last week I need to share some grandchildren ones this week.

Here is granddad having a cuddle from our sweet oldest granddaughter.
DSC_1697and uncle and niece having a cuddle too.DSC_1694

Okay enough about all of us and onto our link up.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to link up. I am still having some trouble with our internet and I am not sure whether all my comments went through, so I apologize.

Our top three posts this week…

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If you didn’t get a chance to read these during this past week pop over and have a look, they were great.

Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and I pray that you are blessed.

I have a quiet week coming up and I am looking forward to continuing our afternoon school routine. Of course I haven’t gotten to the curtains yet and I need to get them done.

I have heaps of inspirations for meals now that I have meat, so I might do a bit of cooking this week and make some pasties and sausage rolls for the freezer.

I hope you all have a great week and that you are blessed as you enjoy your summer holidays or as we are the winter weather.

May God bless you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

31 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #38”

    1. Hey there Emily, what do your weekends look like??? We don’t do this every weekend, probably twice to three times a year depending. It’s good to because we forget how much work it is each time, what a blessing. Thanks for stopping by, have a great week. Blessings

  1. Hello, dear friend, So happy you had such a productive week…it sounds just wonderful having your own meat like that. To live so self-sustainably must truly be a big blessing. The picture of the four generations gathered around your table brought tears to my eyes! Having family around like that is a true blessing from God. So thankful for your sweet post, as usual. You always encourage me! 🙂

    1. Cheryl, dear friend, how are you going??? Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. It is such a blessing to have our own meat and this will hopefully feed us for at least 6 months. I don’t usually buy too much more although I really have a hankering for mutton at the moment and chicken. Typically I always want what I don’t have :-). My parents have passed away but sometimes I would love to have them around our table with our grandchildren and for them to see how our children are turning out, but God knows. Sometimes we don’t appreciate the family we have but you are so right, to have them around us is such a blessing. Thank you for being such a blessing and love to you and your family. xxxx

  2. Wow. Just wow. That is a lot to process in one weekend. Your family is on top of things–great job! I bet you are so glad not to still be feeding all of those piggies! (Save me some sausage 😉 .)
    It’s hard to really explain, but doing lessons in the afternoon doubles my morning productivity AND the lesson productivity. We have been very pleased with this schedule.
    What a blessing for firewood! Congrats! We are on a near-zero sleep schedule right now. (Which is better than not having any farm chores, right?)
    Always love your weekly updates.

    1. There is heaps of sausages here for you Deborah when you come. We still have a couple pigs and another steer to do but the big job has been completed. It was wonderful to have our daughters family to help us, which made it so much easier, many hands make light work :-).
      Yes I agree about the afternoon schooling, I only managed two days but I was really pleased with the results. I do need to be more organised with tea, but that is okay. We have been given a tree plantation by some friends to cut up any fallen timber, it really is a blessing and only costs us labour and fuel. Wood is quite dear if you need to buy it so this is wonderful and we share it with our daughters family as well.
      I have missed our chats but I quite understand with you being so busy and I pray that all your farming and gardening is going well and that you are blessed with a bountiful harvest. I must admit I really enjoy winter and the need to stay inside but then spring and summer bring such productivity which is good for our health. Will be praying for the health of all your family as you work so hard.
      Blessings to you and your dear family. xxx

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  4. Hello beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a fun party. We would appreciate it if you would stop by our party that starts tonight at 7 pm.We would love to see what you have been working on! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Thank you so much for the feature, Terri. I always enjoy stopping by on Monday morning and reading what is happening on the farm. My, you really had a productive week. That meat will sure be a blessing to your family. I loved the picture, too, of all the family gathered around the table- very special that you can do that. I love helping fellow bloggers so thanks again for making that possible with this great link up party !!! Blessings.

    1. It was my pleasure to feature your post Rebecca. The meat is such a blessing and so is family. Thank you for faithfully stopping by each week and leaving me an encouraging comment. Have a great week. Blessings

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your encouraging comment and for being so faithful in linking up. I really enjoy sharing our family life, we are so blessed. Thanks and have a great weekend.

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