Welcome to another Good Morning Mondays. I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter and that you are all rejoicing in our risen Lord.

What a most wonderful gift that we have been given by God, and what an awesome sacrifice that Jesus made just for us, just because He loved us. May our feeling of gratefulness not pass away as Easter recedes from our memory until next year.

We have had a busy weekend and I am feeling quite tired at the moment and I am looking forward to a few days at home to catch up on house work and music etc.

Mid week we went back to the dentist for my husband and they have finally sorted out his tooth issue and he is on the mend. It is amazing how debilitating pain can be and it is wonderful to see him get back his sense of humour which we all love.

It was such a warm day on Wednesday that after the dentist we took the children for a swim, most probably the last one for the year as it has cooled off again.

DSC_1159They had a great time and got wet and sandy. This time we took them to where the river meets the sea and there is a sand bank between the two, so the water was quite calm. Below is a view from the lookout above the river.

DSC_1167I spent a bit of the week getting ready for a market that our daughters and I went to on Saturday. So I was busy sewing and No 2 daughter was making birthday cards.

DSC_1187Above is a picture of our stall. We had aprons and bags and cot quilts and ponchos and seedlings and cards and headbands.  A lot of these items we had made before our No 1 daughter got married so we just added a few more things. I won’t say we made a heap of money but it was wonderful to spend time together.

The men came home and did another couple loads of wood and then spent the afternoon putting plastic over our aquaponics system, so they were very productive too.

Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with some friends of ours. It was a lovely afternoon of eating (too much) and talking the time away. The children had a lovely time together too.  It was great also to spend the weekend with our son-in-law and no 1 daughter and our grandchildren and it is just so nice when they arrive to see our oldest granddaughter get so excited to see us, it just warms the heart.

So enough about me let’s get onto our link up.

Our top three posts this week were….

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Congratulations ladies on being our top three and thank you for linking up.

Thank you also to everyone  for taking the time to stop by and link up.

I need to apologise to some of you because I haven’t had time to read and comment on all your posts this week. I really want you all to know that this isn’t the way I want it to be but it all just got away from me this week. I will hopefully be back on track this week so please continue to link up because I and others are so encouraged.

This week isn’t so busy, which is great. We have a 60th birthday party tomorrow and then my daughter and I have a sewing day on Thursday but that’s it – yay.  No music lessons this week due to school holidays so I get to stay home all day on Saturday. We may have someone for lunch on Sunday but we will see how the week goes.

Our no 1 daughter brought me 50 bottles of stewed apples for my pantry. She did a great job and did well over 100 bottles for her family as well. We picked more apples this last week and I am going to try and bottle some apple juice as well as some for pie fillings.

I have a prayer request and I ask that if you have time if you could pray for a lady at church who has breast cancer. The chemotherapy has really been hard for her and she has been in hospital a lot.  Mrs C’s daughter died of breast cancer about 18 years ago and Mrs C and her husband raised their grandson after his mother died.

May you all have a great week and may we remember to keep our eyes looking outwards to how we can help others and not inward on ourselves.

Blessings my friends.

29 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #25”

  1. Oh, dear friend! Thank you so much for the mention here!! I was so grateful and moved. I am praying for your friend at church and trusting God to heal her and bring her through. And please don’t feel bad when you cannot visit each of our blogs. You are SUCH a dear blessing, and you do so much to encourage each one of us. I certainly understand, and I feel sure all of the others do, too. I hope you have/had a blessed Easter and a wonderful week ahead. Much love to you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl for your kind and encouraging comment. I so wanted the link up to be a community and a place to get to know each other and it has really been that. I also enjoy reading what everyone has to say, and I appreciate the fact that you understand that I didn’t get there this week and for your encouragement. We have had a great Easter weekend and I am now looking forward to a quiet week at home. I hope your Easter was blessed and I look forward to catching up on your posts this week. Blessings and love to you and your family xxxx

  2. I read this and just hear blessings, blessings, blessings. And the fact that you can’t respond to everyone one week only reinforces that you put your family first–another blessing as so many can get stuck putting too much time into their site, and neglecting their God given duties. I’d say you did just right.
    Apples and all–you must be so busy with your harvest right now! It’s an exciting time, isn’t it?
    Prayers for your Sister at church, and prayers of praise for your husband being on the mend.

    1. Thanks for your comment, you are such a blessing and I appreciate your prayers for my friend, my husband and our family. The harvest is almost done now, I have finished the corn and we only have about 6 bags of apples to go. It is hard to fit this all in and blog and care for the family and you are right my family took first place this past week as they always should and I thank you for your encouragement. Blessings xxxx

  3. It’s wonderful that you take the time to visit and comment on posts linked up here…but I will always understand if you aren’t able to have time time to visit and comment! I’d be happy if you put your family before feeling like you need to comment on my post. It’s nice of you to host the link-up and I appreciate it.

    Happy Easter!!

    1. Thank you Emily for your understanding and encouraging comment. I really appreciate your support of the link up and me. I hope you have/had a great and blessed Easter. Blessings

  4. I love your header and I’m so drawn to the life you lead. I’ve always lived in cities but am a country girl at heart. This is my first time to link up though I’ve visited your blog before. Thank you for hosting!

  5. Hello gorgeous! I love your party, thanks for hosting! I would appreciate it if you would stop by our party that starts tonight at 7 pm. That would be so amazing! Lou Lou Girls

  6. Prayers for Mrs C – what a hard time she is facing.
    Certainly do not worry about visiting every post – I would be totally amazed if you managed to get to half of them! It has really grown and become such a blessing to so many of us. I know it definitely is to me. There are so many timely posts here that speak to my heart exactly where I need it that I know God is working through you to reach so many others.
    God bless you, and so many thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Jayne for your prayers for my friend and your encouragement about the link up. I am so glad that the posts speak to you as much too me. Thank you for your support and for your link ups. Blessings

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