Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

I seem to be apologising a bit lately and I’ll do it again now and say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been around for a couple of weeks. We’ve been rather busy on the weekends and our internet/computer issues are worse towards the end of the month.

Excuses I know, valid or not – that’s it. Please know that I appreciate each one of you who stops by to link up and each one of you who converse with me in the messages, it really blesses my heart.

We’ve had a few birthdays in the last couple of weeks, starting with our beautiful new daughter-in-law, I’m sorry I don’t have a picture, which I will rectify shortly. Then it was our son-in-law’s and it was a big 30th for him. Our no 1 daughter put on a camping weekend and bbq lunch and together with her sister-in-law they made him an awesome birthday cake.

Here he is with the beautiful desserts.

We just went for the day but we had a very enjoyable time with extended family and friends, and lovely Christ centred fellowship.

Then it was our no 1 daughter’s birthday, she will 30 next year but for this year we spent the day together just chatting, it was lovely. She is such an inspiration to me and I just love her and our new adult mother/daughter relationship.Then it was my amazing, awesome husband’s birthday the day after. He is my best friend and I so blessed to be his wife and our relationship just gets better and better. To those of you who haven’t been married long, it get’s better, just remember that he is your focus after God and before children. It’s a hard one to understand but our role of help meet is so important and more than just being a good housewife.  My husband and I always joke about us growing old together and say that we already are. We’ve both hit the 50 mark and that’s totally okay because we are doing this life thing together.

In between all the birthdays our no 2 son and I harvested our garlic. We had planted purple and that is sitting waiting to be dehydrated, the white though seems to be a variety that doesn’t form cloves and I cleaned it up, chopped it up and then ran it through the excalibur.
The kitchen smelt pretty interesting and still does if we’ve been out all day but I achieved this amazing jar of dried garlic. I’m going to leave this like this and powder the purple and this will be great in stews, casseroles, hamburgers… the options are endless.

It was all hands of deck this week too when we were moving the sows and piglets from the wool shed to the front pen to make room for the next batch.  These little ones are so cute and will be ready to go in another few weeks.
What we don’t sell will go towards our bacon in autumn next year and they’ll be just right. These are a saddleback/berkshire cross and the colourings and markings are very cool.

And just because I can, here is a pic of our youngest granddaughter at the birthday camping party.She enjoyed her ride on her mum’s back and has the most cutest smile.

Apart from all that above, it’s been the usual stuff during the week. We are winding down school to prepare for Christmas and New Year and also an engagement party in the New Year. Our no 2 son is busy working on some woodwork gifts for friends and I’m starting to see a clear list of things I want to do before then.

It seems we get to November every year and all of a sudden it’s 23 sleeps, but that’s okay, it’s a joy for me to give and I get great pleasure out of working out what goes to who. For us it’s about family, friends and fellowship, and of course Jesus, but every day’s about Him, this one is a bonus.

We’re being encouraged more and more to focus on Him daily and more than once a day, it about praying and being in communion with God moment by moment. We’ve been doing a Bible Study called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and we’re definitely being challenged.

Okay I won’t do a top three because it’s been a few weeks but I’ll get back to it next week. Thank you for stopping by and linking up.

This week week we’ve got out final book group for the year and we’re finishing off the last two chapters of our book. If you want an encouraging book about how God uses women in their marriages for His work please grab it – First Wives Club. I read about Wibrandis Rosenblatt and was blown away by her attitude to her role in life.

We’ve also got our family Bible Study and then our individual meet us with friends and then the final children’s study for the year and I think music lessons.

Our no 2 son his piano exam today and he’s totally glad that’s over and he’s right now for another year. He plays so well and he improves every year and we’re both looking forward to his new pieces.

Well I pray that you have all been going well and that you are aware of God’s leading in your lives.

May you be blessed this week as you go about your God given business.

Blessings my friends xxxx

4 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #190”

  1. I’ve been on a bit of a break myself, so it’s good to come back and find you here. Good work on all the garlic!
    And this is certainly a birthday season in your family! Those adult children are, indeed, a blessing.

    1. Hey there Michele, sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and I’ve decided to take January off and I’ll be back early Feb. We’ve got an engagement party and such to organise and I’m struggling to find time, but I’ll be back with new ideas shortly. Praying you are all well. Blessings xxx

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