Good morning everyone, how was your week and how are things going?  Are you achieving all that you have planned?

We have had a good week with a trip to Melbourne on Tuesday for my husband to see a bone specialist.  This is a long story and I might write about it one day, maybe when we see a positive outcome.

After seeing the specialist we went to the Queen Victoria Markets. We really enjoy going there.  There are heaps of different stalls from clothing, shoes, make up, belts, hand bags, really anything that you can get at the shops but slightly cheaper.

Here they are looking at all the eggs for sale.
No 1 son collects belt buckles and no 2 son got his first leather belt and buckle.  No 2 daughter got a lovely stainless steel bangle with her name on it.

Here are some of the deli goods that we drool over.
After looking at the stalls we head over to the fruit and vegetable sections and then into the small goods.  This area would have to be my husbands favourite as he loves looking at all the smoked meat and fish.  He looks so that he can get ideas for us and how we can handle our meat at home and different things we can do with it.

Here they all are – my gang.
 I really like the butchery section, they sell anything from fish through to goat.  I love looking at all the different cuts of meat.

Here are No 1 son and No 2 daughter having a bite to eat.
After that we headed into the cafe for a bite for lunch and a cuppa, a bit of a refresh and renewing before we head out on our way home.

On the way home we went via Geelong and looked around the beach area and went for a drive around before heading to Hogs Breath for tea.  This is our most favourite treat and although we only go once or twice a year we all look forward to it.

As we were driving around we found this concrete couch so I just had to stop and get the children so I could take a photo.  It looks comfortable but I don’t think it was.DSC_0746[1]

The rest of the week was spent schooling and doing our general run of the mill jobs.  We were going to have a sewing day with friends but my friend was sick so we stayed home.  We did have some friends for tea on Friday night which was nice.

We started music lessons yesterday so our Saturdays have changed again, but it was nice to get started on lessons and back into it.

The new turkeys are settling in well and are roaming around the yard during the day and even up onto the back verandah, which I must admit is better than the piglets.  We have had our piglets looking through the glass on the back door.

Here are the turkeys looking for bugs

This week coming will involve school and sewing and gardening. Our Tuesday night bible study on Revelation is starting this week and we all look forward to it.  We might go and pick blackberries and it looks like being warm this weekend so we might make it to the beach.

What have you been doing, I would love to hear about it.

Now onto our link up…

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These are all great thought provoking posts that make us think, which is good.  If you didn’t get a chance to have a look then click on the title to pop over.

Thank you again to each and every one of you who takes the time to link up.  I’ll say it again – I really enjoy reading all your posts and I am being challenged and I am learning so much.

My encouragement for you this week is to look at how you deal with disappointments and challenges,  and how we teach our children to handle it.  That is how I have been challenged this week.

May you all be blessed this week as you teach, work and love your family.

46 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #16”

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  2. I love reading about all the quality time you have with your family every week and your insightful reflections. You are definitely an encouragement to me! AND…this is the only site that my husband reads.
    I am loving those turkeys. The thought of little piglets brings a smile to my face. My husband raised pigs, but it’s something I’ve never done and really want to. Maybe next year…
    Thank you for hosting.

    1. You make me smile every time I read your comments, it almost brings tears to my eyes the relationship that we are building. Thank you for being my friend and for sharing with me our joys and sorrows. I am glad your husband pops over too. My husband is building relationships as well just listening to my comments and reading your posts.
      Piglets are great – when they are in their pen.
      Have a great day. Blessings

      1. Oh…if only you can see my husband run out of the shower in the evenings and ask, “Hear anything from our Aussies?” You’ve been claimed, friend.

        What I want to know is if the piggies are as big of troublemakers as goats?

        1. Hey friend, how are things going??? We are so happy to be claimed and I am amazed at the connection that we have even as a family. I just wondering if it would be possible to see a picture of your family and hear a bit about your children. If you don’t want to do this on your blog or here you could send me some info via my email address. You’ve seen pictures of us all (even though mine is a bit fuzzy – on purpose :-)), I would love to be able to put a face to the connection that we have. If you don’t want to that’s fine, I will understand.
          Now on to the piggies. We have never kept goats but I have heard that they can be difficult and little piglets at about 10 weeks old would be painful if you didn’t have them penned correctly. Our pens are a bit um (we call it agricultural – which means chucked together with whatever is on hand) rough and they seem to find any hole that is there and then it’s a free for all. They dig up our back lawn they look in the back glass door. Sometimes this is cute – sometimes not. If you have a good pen then I am sure they wouldn’t be a problem. When they are big (adults) they are easily contained in normal fencing. We have post and 5 wire dropper fences that keep them in. Our big pigs – 3 sows and a boar roam a couple of paddocks and we use them in the winter to dig up the patch where we are going to plant vegetables. Our little piggies are still in a pen being fed grain and milk and making our compost for us for the spring. Hope all this helps??? Oh and by the way, my husband keeps asking if I’ve heard from you too. Blessings

  3. I love reading your posts because your lingo is so different from that in America, and I can just hear your Australian accent through it. I can only imagine what you hear when you read my posts! Love the couch! I never would have known that it was concrete!

    1. Hey Mary thanks for stopping over and taking the time to comment, I enjoy reading your posts too, I forget that we speak a different language sometimes 🙂 No the couch almost looks real and soft. Blessings

  4. Thank you for featuring my post, “Meeting Our Heaven-Bound Baby” as one of your favorites. It was such a pleasure meeting you, Terri. You have a warm and welcoming home here. I feel like I just stopped by your home for some tea and a sweet treat while we chat.
    I’ll be linking up as time permits.
    Blessings to you, Terri.

  5. Hello beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party! We would love it if you would stop by our party and share one of your amazing projects.We would really appreciate it. Happy Tuesday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Hi Susan, our property “Darling Downs” is located in Western Victoria, Australia. It is a lovely corner of the world and such a blessing to live here. Thanks for your question. Blessings.

  6. I never thought of collecting belt buckles. How many does he have? Also, my mum and dad went to Melbourne a few months ago as a little holiday getaway, and they loved it. I hope your husband will be okay
    – linking over from Weekend Blog Party

    1. Thanks Sarah for your comment and for stopping by. I think my son has about 7 or so buckles and some are pretty big and are difficult to sit with them on 🙂 my son-in-law likes buckles too and when he married our daughter they all got special matching ones, even our son who was page boy (5). Melbourne is a big city and for me as a country gal I find it too big but I do like the markets and things like that. Thanks for your kind words regarding my husband, it has been a long journey and maybe now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Blessings to you and yours.

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  9. I just can’t stand how quaint and peaceful your life seems! I love this country-living. I used to live on a farm as a child (and then in a small, rural town) – but our setting is a little different now. It’s a blessing to read your words and get a peek into your life on this blog! Thanks for sharing at Front Porch Inspired!

  10. Ohhh…I love your Good Morning Mondays! Sorry I missed the last few… blogging computer is down and blogging on my laptop just feels weird to me. lol

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday last week! I’d love it if you’d stop by and link up again this week!


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