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Hi there all! and welcome back to our weekly link up. How have you all been?

Another week gone and another week closer to Christmas, it feels hectic but I’m not sure why??

It’s been warm here this week so the children and I got out in the mornings after breakfast to work in the garden and got nearly the first raised bed weeded and mulched and planted out. Then later in the week it was hot and humid and we had thunderstorms and heaps of rain which for us is such a blessing (but not for the farmers trying to bale hay).

We’ve still got another bed to get mulched and planted but we’re hoping to get it done this week. My husband brought over the hay so it’ll just take a bit of leveling and then spreading the hay out. The good thing with the big squares is that you can take slices off and lay them on the beds.

Our no 2 son was blessed to go with his dad on a job on Monday afternoon and that is always fun.  They were up the bush and on the way home there were heaps of blue tongue lizards around and crossing the road and they stopped and he caught one.  

We have now officially finished farrowing – that is all our sows have had their piglets. We are so blessed by God’s provision and the health of the little piggies. Below is a picture of the Saddlebacks, they are different to the other ones with being solid in colour with the white strip. Actually some of them are plain black, but that’s fine for us.I met with my friend on Wednesday lunch time and we had a lovely afternoon in the park having a picnic lunch and then doing our Bible study together. The children had a great time too, it was very warm but there was a nice breeze which kept it pleasant. We are learning heaps too going through Mark together and are growing closer together as friends and learning about each other as well.

Our son-in-law, daughter and their children came down for a night to help our no 1 son work on his vehicle. It was great to have them and as it was our son-in-law’s birthday we did have a bit of a feast to celebrate. We had roast lamb and goat, potatoes and salad and a peach trifle and an amazing cream sponge cake made by our no 1 daughter. Suffice to say we didn’t go hungry.

Our no 1 son and his oldest niece enjoying a cuddle before dessert.

Here’s our 2nd granddaughter with the beautiful and yummy sponge her mum made for her dad’s birthday. Sunday we had church and then we had a BBQ lunch in our local botanical gardens for a church friends 30th birthday. It was a lovely time of fellowship and enjoyed by all.

I apologise that we are having internet issues again so I can’t do a top three but we’ll be back next week.

This coming week we want to get more veggie gardening done, we want to make some Christmas cards and finish up some school work. We’ve got piano practice to do and our usual Bible Study on Tuesday night.

We’ve been doing a study on the Reformers and we’ve done Luther and Calvin and this week we’re up to Tyndale . It’s been very interesting.

We’ve got pottery lessons on Thursday night and this is our second last one so we are busy finishing off and making terracotta items as they don’t need double firing.

Children have their Bible class and singing lessons on Friday and I’m hoping to get together with my friend as well to do our Bible study.

It’s also our no 1 daughter and my husbands birthday this week so we’ll be having a special meal one night for that.

So that’s our week for you and I look forward to hearing about how you are all going.

This post comes to you hoping that you are well.  Keep on keeping on my friends…

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx

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10 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #151”

  1. Those Saddleback piglets remind me of the Belted Galloway heifers my sons have learned to train and show in their 4H days. Animals are so much work, and I admire you and your family’s diligence!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Hey Michele, they are quite similar to the cows but just a bit smaller and maybe harder to manage once they get on the move. 4H sounds like an interesting organisation we don’t have anything like that here. Thank you for your encouragement. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  2. What adorable little piglets! It sounds like a nice time of year there in your neck of the woods. Although we can’t complain as we’re still having such nice weather … a little cool in the morning, but don’t even need a sweater during the day. Well, thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Donna, yes they are cute. It has been nice weather although a bit humid, which isn’t normal for here. We’ve had lots of thunderstorms and some rain this week which has finally cleared the air. Enjoy your nice weather and the weekend also. Blessings

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