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Hi there all! and welcome back to our weekly link up. How have you all been?

As I said last week it is school holidays here but we’ve been pushing on with our school work and music practice. We did do some spring cleaning later in the week which took a day or two and it was good to get it done.

My husband and the children have finally gotten all the fruit tree root stocks planted and it is a good feeling to have that done. It is very wet in the orchard but the early fruiting trees are flowering already, which is exciting. We were asked to get our photo taken for the church directory and I will share it with you. Not to brag but just so you know who I am talking about. The children are growing up quickly and are now 12 and nearly 10.You know how I said last week that there were little cauliflowers in the garden?? well they are big now. A couple blew out but I put them into a cauliflower and potato soup. We enjoyed a bit of it and I’ve put a container in the freezer for when we do our next butchery session at the end of the month.Now that the orchard is planted my husband has moved onto getting our bee hives ready for the arrival of 2 new swarms that we ordered earlier in the year. He and our son have built a shelter for the hives between the orchard and the vegetable patch. This shelter will house 4 hives although only 3 will have bees this year.We have had bees for quite a few years now but work has gotten in the road and with the older children moving around we haven’t been working them. Now that the younger children are interested we’ve decided it’s time to get back to it. Our no 2 son will be helping his dad with this job whilst our no 2 daughter helps with the orchard work. Actually they both help with both jobs so they learn about it all.

We had our curry night on Friday night and it was great. I took a very plain lamb and beef curry but we have an Indian family at church and their curries were just wonderful and the fellowship was as always good.

Saturday night we had some friends who live in Melbourne come for tea. We had an enjoyable evening and the children always enjoy catching up with the children who they haven’t seen since January.

Sunday morning day light savings came in so we lost an hour of sleep. It’s funny how it always feels like more than that and it always feels that you don’t catch up until next April when it goes out. My husband likes it because he can get more things done around the farm after work. My vote is still out…

Sunday was church and fellowship luncheon and once again it was good to gather together with our church family. I must admit it was nice to get home and have a sit down and a rest.

Okay onto our link up…

Our top three this week were…prodigal grace by Beth Willis Miller Faith, Family and the Adoption Journey by Living Our DaysA Weekly Glimpse Into our Home #1 by Redeeming Home

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up, it is always a joy for me and I’m sure to others also.

Well the exciting news for us this week is our no 1 son will be home either Monday or Tuesday. He has been away for 6 months and we have only seen him once in that time so it’ll be good to have him back. He enjoys his time away and we are pleased for him to spread his wings and learn new things. I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to coming home too.

So, a bit more spring cleaning next week and school work too. I’m hoping to get some help from my husband in the vegetable patch to prepare it for our coming spring plantings. It is still so very wet out there but hopefully it will stop raining long enough to dry out a bit. Our garlic is looking good and I’ve got lettuce ready to pick and use, the beans and snow peas are flowering so hopefully we will be picking them before too long.

Well that’s about it from me, thank you all for your support and may God bless you all.

Keep on keeping on my friends…

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx

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12 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #144”

  1. I have never been able to grow good looking cauliflower. Yours is amazing — as is your lovely family (and you!).

    Thanks for featuring my review of Kristin Hill Taylor’s book!

    Happy October, and thanks for all you do!

    1. Hey there Michele, thank you for your kind words and encouragement and it was my pleasure on the feature. Cauliflower is hard to grow and with summer fast approaching the warm weather is causing them to blow out, taste is still great. Bless you xxx

  2. I love your family picture! It’s nice to put faces to the words we read each week. Bee-keeping has always been so interesting to me. Loved seeing how neat your shelter is.

    I’ve been out of pocket for the month of September with travels, so I hope to be at home more this month.

    1. Hi Lisa, I’ve missed hearing from you but I hope you had good travels. Thanks for your words of encouragement. My husband is really looking forward to the bees, and so is our no 2 son. I’m not so keen but I like the honey. Have a great weekend and enjoy being at home. Bless you.

  3. Ugh…daylight savings time stinks!! It comes here in November. I would love it if we could just stay on the same time year round and not mess with sleep patterns!!

    You have some good looking cauliflower there! My broccoli did horrendous this year. I didn’t pay attention to them like I should have.

    Here we’re getting our winter/cold weather clothes ready and making some heavier clothes. Heavy velvet skirts and culottes, maybe some fleece lined slips ror when it’s brutal out, and am planning on making myself a cape and possibly a coat out of quilted blocks with hand quilting. This year I will be ready for -40F!

    Have your flowers started coming up yet?? I envy you having spring in September, when we are going in to fall.

    How did the voting go on the marriage ballot?? Or has it happened yet?

    1. Hi Angie it’s always so good to hear from you. I’m with you on daylight savings…I can’t imagine what weather would be like at -40F especially if you are a skirt wearer (I am), but it sounds like you have it all sorted. There is something exciting about snow though but I’m sure that wears off after a while. We have bulbs flowering which is nice – Fresias I think. My broad beans and snow peas are flowering but no produce yet. The cabbages are looking good too and the cauliflowers are nearly finished. The voting has happened but won’t be counted until November after they are due in. Praying that God’s will be done. Bless you my friend.

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