Hey there everyone, welcome back to our weekly Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

Have you had a great week??

We started our week attending the funeral of our dear friend Mr H. It was a great time of remembering him and his humour, a sad time to realise we won’t see him until we meet in Heaven. Our pastor preached a powerful gospel sermon and it was just wonderful.

It was a really hot day and we finally got a reprieve with a cool change mid afternoon which was really nice. Since then the rest of the week has been much cooler. It’s so hard and we try not to complain but when we haven’t had hot weather for such a long time it is hard to adjust – but we will, eventually.

Our vegetable garden is going well and the corn is coming up nicely.20161123_155745I have been out with my hoe and I have been scratching around all the tomato seedlings so that the weeds don’t get away on me, and it is working well.

We had a magnificent sunset the other night and it was on to see who could get a better photo, me or our no 1 son. He did win but mine looked pretty awesome too.img_20161121_204129We’ve been doing school as well this week and have moved on now to Jacob and Leah and Rachel in our Bible program. I’ve read these chapters before but when you read them to your children and need to discuss it, it really comes to life and we are enjoying it.

We have a few birthdays around at the moment. Our son-in-laws was on Thursday, our no 1 daughters is on Tuesday and my husbands is on Wednesday, then in a couple of weeks we have our no 2 sons birthday. So we all got together in Halls Gap on Saturday afternoon for a BBQ and a game of mini golf. It was great fun and a wonderful time together.


I also got the okay from our son-in-law to try and find our no 1 daughter a milking goat. I was so excited and it took some searching, some disappointment and a wonderful connection with a lovely christian lady.

Our daughters milking goat “Coco” and her kids

She had exactly what we wanted and even delivered it for us. We are looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

I have been busy trying to figure out sock knitting and I finally did it. The picture below is the first pair I made for my husband out of some wool I had here. They are pretty thick but it was a great way to learn and follow a rather easy pattern.  I’ve just finished another pair for our son-in-law for his birthday and they are thinner. 20161118_224222I really enjoy these old crafts, it makes me feel very pioneering.

We have had some issues with a bearing in the front wheel of our car and my husband managed to get it fixed this week. Our no 2 son really enjoyed helping him and having a go of the raddle gun.  He is learning so much from his father and it’s wonderful to watch it.


On Sunday we went to church with some homeschooling friends and then got together for a lunch and afternoon of fellowship. It is wonderful to spend time with like minded people and the children love catching up with all their friends.

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

I hope you all had a magnificent Thanksgiving. We don’t typically celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but it’s a wonderful tradition – to take time to be thankful for all the Lord has done for us.

This coming week is a nice home one and hopefully a quiet one. We need to start making Christmas Cards and get them written out and addressed and sent out in early December. I don’t want to get behind this year.

I have a few Christmas gifts I want to make in the coming weeks and there is always plenty of baking to do as well. I’m not sure yet what we are doing for Christmas, we are just waiting to hear what our son-in-law and daughter are doing.

We will be keeping on with school and music practice and I’m hoping to not take too much time off this year, hopefully only a couple of weeks. I say this every year and it doesn’t always happen, so maybe this is the year.

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Also remember you don’t have to link up, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, so stop over if you get the time.

I pray that you will have a blessed week my friends and may God lead and guide you in your everyday life.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


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9 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #104”

  1. Dear friend! I am SO sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. H. I know your hearts are so grieved, and you will miss him. May God comfort you and his family and all who mourn his passing. What joy to know that you will all be reunited one day in Glory! Thank you for your faithfulness here, for the weekly link-up platform, and it is always such a joy to see that my little blog was mentioned here! God bless you! Sending you lots of love from the US!

    1. Hey there Cheryl, thank you so much for your kind words you always comfort and encourage me. Yes we will all meet in Glory, those we’ve already met and those we haven’t, what joy there will be. I look forward to meeting you dear friend. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

    1. Hi Michele, thanks for your kind words. Once i worked the socks out they were easy, Mittens look hard to me, maybe one day. I have so many projects and so little time it seems. I’ve got enough knitting to keep me n going moat of next year 😄 thanks for being so supportive. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  2. Well, Terri, you are trying to stay cool and we’re starting to think about putting the electric blanket on the bed … not quite ready yet, but soon.

    I just returned from my mom’s. She doesn’t knit much anymore, but she loves to crochet. She’s always making something for a baby or two and she just finished a blanket for me. I haven’t had time to do either one for a long time, but those socks look so warm!

    Thanks for hosting and have a blessed week!

    1. Hi Donna, what a blessing to have a blanket from your mum, maybe an heirloom. Does it snow where you live?? We had a couple warm days and its been just beautiful weather the last few days. Have a great weekend, blessings

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