Welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.  How have you all been going and what have you been up to this past week???

I’ve been sitting here wondering what I have been doing all week and I can’t think. I know we did piano practice and my husband was home for a few days so that sort of mucks me up a bit, not that I mind having him home, it’s great, but my routine sort of goes wonky.

The children’s Bible program has been working through Genesis and we are up to around chapter 22. We’ve read about Abraham’s total faith and trust in God when he was asked by God to sacrifice Isaac. We also read about the favouritism that Isaac and Rebecca had regarding their sons Esau and Jacob.

It led to interesting conversations around the tea table at night as we re-read each scripture and discussed it as a family. We have our no 1 son home at the moment and it’s great to hear his opinion on these scriptures as well.

Things around the farm are motoring along and our rabbits are going well. I am becoming quite fond of them and enjoy visiting them a couple times a day to check their feed. img_20161110_224243This is one of our bucks and he’s been named Gilbert. He’s probably the most friendly.

My husbands big job this week was to get the crop in and he achieved it. He’s planted barley and rape (summer feed) so that we will have green feed for our stock during the summer. We used to bale hay but have decided to do it this way to see how it goes.20161110_170704We are blessed to have tractors and machinery so that we can get these jobs done.

It was also one of his aims to get the tomatoes in but due to cold, wet weather that didn’t happen but we got the area prepared so we will be ready to go this coming week. The ground is all worked up and he managed to get the mesh fencing completed too which will support the tomatoes as they grow. img_20161111_154407We got some strawberries planted in our aquaponics system. Some have been planted in the grow beds and some in horizontal pipes with water flowing through them. They are standing up nicely which is good, we have lost a couple but that seems to be the way.img_20161109_090103

We’ve been milking full bore lately and I’ve been making cheese to catch up on our stores. Our no 2 daughter has been giving her dad a hand each morning and she is really starting to come along with the cattle and enjoys working with them. She even names them all and remembers their names. 20161107_071931She is growing up into a lovely young lady and is very helpful around the house and the farm.  Our no 2 son is in charge of the eggs and it is his job each evening to collect them and make sure everything is going okay in the chook house. He helps get the cows in too and always remembers where things are, quite amazing really.

We are spending Sunday with our son-in-law, daughter and their family. We will go to church with them and then spend the afternoon together. I get to a certain point and I’ve got to see them all because I miss them and the grandchildren are growing up so quickly.

Okay enough about our goings on, onto our link up…

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up, may you be blessed by your visit.

I’m asking again for you to pray for our friends little boy Jotham. He is still having some difficulties and is in hospital at the moment. Please pray for the doctors and his family as well.

Thank you for your prayers for Jotham and his family, they are appreciated.

Just a reminder also about our monthly link up…wisdom search4

This next months topic is TAKING OUR THOUGHTS CAPTIVE.

Also remember you don’t have to link up, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, so stop over if you get the time.

This coming week we hope to get the tomatoes planted. We will do school and music practice and hopefully heaps more. I don’t have to go out which is great.

I am busy making Christmas presents at the moment, but I won’t share just yet because they are a surprise.

I pray that you will have a blessed week my friends and may God lead and guide you in your everyday life.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


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18 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #102”

    1. Thank you Kathi for your kind words, it was my pleasure to feature your post and I feel honoured that you stop by each week and link up. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing what you link up this week. Blessings

  1. I smiled at your statement that you were trying to remember what you had done. So often the time goes by, and it’s hard to account for all those minutes!

    Blessings on all your busy!

    1. Hi there Michele, I so agree it is hard to account for our time. Thanks for stopping by each week and blessing me with you comments, they really boost me and make me smile. Have a great week and blessings to you and yours.

  2. Ask me what I did this evening and I’ll have to pause to remember. It it my age or is it the busyness of life (smile)? I love hearing of all of your experiences with your family at your farm. It makes me want to come and sit across the table from you and hear some more. Thank you.

    1. Hi Patti, mmm age or busyness, maybe a bit of both (smile). I would love to have you come sit and have a cuppa with me that would be wonderful. Thank you for your kind words. Blessings to you this week.

    1. Michelle Twin Mum, welcome to Darling Downs Diaries. Thanks for stopping by and linking up. I look forward to sharing more of our life with you and reading your link ups. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for sharing with us each week. I really enjoy looking after our rabbits, they are so cute. I suggest that your neighbours rabbits are male that’s why they fight. We keep ours separated and that saves all the issues. Blessings to you this week.

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