I thought I’d update you with some photos of our cattle.

terri camera oct 2014 1410

Here is my husband with George our Scottish Highland bull.  He has been with us a few years now and has fathered quite a few calves.

terri camera oct 2014 1434

Here is Mildred our Scottish Highland cow with her calf from last year.  She seems to only have bull calves.  We ate her last one and he was delicious.  She had another bull calf about a month ago.  The Scottish Highland calves are just so cute, they look like a teddy bear.

Mildred and her calf
Mildred and her calf

The kids name all the calves and cows but I’m not up to date with them all yet.

terri camera oct 2014 1427

Here is George again, he is just a magnificant animal.  He is very tame, although I don’t quite trust him.  My husband and our oldest son (19) get quite close to him and he has never caused any problems.


Here’s a close up of George Junior.


This is the next one we will butcher, his mother was a Friesian/Jersey cow and George is his father.  He will be butchered before Christmas.

It may sound callous to talk about eating them, but we have cattle to supply us with our own meat, we have chickens to supply us with eggs, all the animals are here for a reason – even the cats have to catch mice. This is the way it is here and our children understand that.  We usually butcher them ourselves now, and a friend comes and helps us cut them up and make sausages etc.

Hope your farm/homestead is going well also.







    1. At the moment we don’t keep them, I would love to tan one but we aren’t up to that yet, maybe I will try on one of the other hides we get first. It isn’t really creepy, just a part of life on the land. Blessings

  1. I have a fondness for cows! I grew up on a working Angus farm. Lots of black angus, and a bull with a huge attitude that liked to try to tip over the tractor. People who don’t raise/haven’t raised or been on a farm don’t get to see the personalities of them, how some are gentle giants and others are just down right rowdy.

    When I learned to drive, dad set up poles out in the front part of the pasture, right inside the gates so I could get to them easily, and each time I’d have a 4 hoofed audience, and then they’d come in and knock the poles down.

    Now, we have a cat. Her name is Heifer. She answers to “Moo”. She was 20 pounds in her heyday, now she’s 18 and lost a little weight. But she is still our Heifer. 🙂 And she’s rowdy like the bull. 🙂

    1. This is such a cute story! A whole different take on cow tipping! I grew up partly on my grandparents ranchI just adore cows, and hopefully soo nwe will be able to have our own place with our own cows.
      God bless!

  2. I’m visiting from the Thankful Home Acre Hop. I really like the look of the highland cattle. It’s good to know that they are not just beautiful, they taste good too!

  3. “… We ate her last one and he was delicious….” cracked me up. Yes it is what we do with animals. Our family ate JR – he, too, was delicious. Highland cattle are awesome animals beside just being darn cute for bovines.

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