When I was growing up my father had  hearing aids in both ears.  He couldn’t hear very well at all.  Sometimes as a child and teenager I would get frustrated and unsympathic towards him and what he was going through, all I could think of was “do I have to repeat myself again”.

It wasn’t until I left home and moved a couple of states away that I realised what he was going through.  When I would come home to visit I noticed that most everyone he came across – especially people in stores or banks wouldn’t speak to him directly or loud enough for him to hear.  I remember feeling so saddened that I hadn’t treated him very well myself and that he was diminished because of it.

He must have felt so frustrated and isolated because of his hearing. I know that he didn’t enjoy getting together with people in groups because he just couldn’t hear them.  He would actually turn off the hearing aid when he was amongst others to stop the noise that they caused.

I must admit that sometimes I have regrets concerning my parents and the things that I did to them.  They did their best and knew only what their parents had taught them about being parents.

My brother and I were adopted as babies so my parents took in children that weren’t their own, they cared for us as though we were theirs and they did their best by us.  We never felt hunger or thirst or cold we were well cared for.

But whether you are adopted or not or have a father with hearing problems there are always things we do or say as children and teenagers that we regret.  We don’t mean to be the way we are but unfortunately immaturity usually gets in the road of our good intentions.

Now my parents have both passed away and I sometimes think I would love to say this and that to them to maybe heal some wounds on both sides.  But they knew that I loved them and I know that they loved me and I know that God heals all wounds whether here on earth or in heaven.

So now I continue to live, learning by my own mistakes and teaching our children in the way they should go.  I want our children to have an open line with us, I want us all to discuss our issues and things that happen so that none of us are left with regrets.

I have already apologised to our No 1 son for putting him in daycare when he was only little.  I have apologised to God also for not having my family in the place they should have been.

This sometimes comes back to me and I know that this is only satan because God has forgiven me, so I no longer live in the regret of this decision.

Live your life with no regrets, if you can, go back and reconcile with loved ones, if you can’t, sort them out with God, because He forgives us and loves us.

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  1. My hubby is getting hard of hearing from using loud machinery in younger days. And I get frustrated with it. I really cannot stand having the TV blaring. But after reading this, I thought how frustrating it would be to watch a show that everyone else can hear and you can’t hear it and join in. So this really hit home with me, especially as I see the teen daughters expressing annoyance as well, that I am not setting a caring, Godly example. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jayne I appreciate you taking the time to do so. It is so hard, my husband is the same and is hard of hearing and I try to remember what it was like for my dad so that I can be better with my husband, it doesn’t always work though. Blessings

  2. Oh darling…regrets, I’ve had a few myself and if I let them they can weigh me down into a black hole. Let’s refuse regret and let God redeem our losses, sins, mistakes as only He can. And when we write about them, I believe therein lies some redemption. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Glad I clicked on you from Messy Marriage.

  3. Very well said!! I also have regrets that I have been working through and even when we can’t reconcile with others it is amazing that God still forgives and loves us!

  4. I understand having regrets with parents and my heart aches to call my mom and just talk to her once again. I am blessed to still have my dad but we spend so much time wishing for things that are no longer instead of living presently and thanking God for all He has provided. Thank you for the reminder of “no regrets” and for linking with The Weekend Brew.

  5. Yes, there are regrets and I often tell my mother (who is now in heaven) I am so sorry I did that! Then the Holy Spirit reminds me that there is NO condemnation in Christ Jesus, and those sins are under the blood and are forgiven. Lovely post to remind us to be courteous and loving to others and understand those with disabilities. You are my neighbor at Sunday Stillness.

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