3107074367_391e79c639_qWell Christmas is almost here and the countdown is on.

How do you celebrate the birth of our Saviour??

This is how it looks at our house….

Each year we like to catch up with some friends who only live 12 kms away.  We see them through the year but we are all busy and don’t seem to get together as much any more, but we do make a point of having a BBQ before Christmas.  So on Monday night we will fire up the BBQ and cook some home made sausages and have a lovely evening of fellowship with our friends.

The few days before Christmas really involve wrapping presents, some cooking, cleaning the house and basically making sure everything is in order for our family and to arrive.

Everyone is bringing food to share this year, so I don’t have as much to do, but we will be cooking a pig on the spit for the day.  We may do this a day or so earlier to make it easier

This year our family are arriving on Christmas Day so that leaves Christmas Eve free for us as a family.  We go to church for the Children’s Christmas Service which our younger two are involved in. No 2 daughter is the Star carrier and No 1 son is an angel (hmm).

After that we go to McDonalds for ice-creams and coffee and then we drive around town looking at the Christmas lights.  Then off home we go to finish off whatever is left to do and hopefully watch “Its a Wonderful Life”.

This is my most favourite movie and we watch it once a year at Christmas time, either the night before or on Boxing Day it just depends on how tired we are.

Christmas morning we get up (not too early) and open presents, have a bite to eat and then get ready for our family to arrive.  We are fairly laid back and I like to have everything done so that we can enjoy each other and not fuss about like mad rabbits.

This year we have my husbands extended family of Aunts and Uncles coming and I think our No 1 son may have a couple of friends coming.  Our No 1 daughter, husband and their children will be coming on Christmas day as well. The more the merrier in my books, it is just a great time to get together and catch up on what’s been happening and share our lives with others.


We will probably eat too much (as usual) and then laze about for the afternoon talking and playing with our grandchildren.

Boxing day we will sleep in, eat left overs, enjoy our family again and relax.

We will spend time, though this period, remembering Jesus as the reason we celebrate Christmas, that is the most important thing we can do.11527743594_7104454622_q

How does Christmas look in your house???


  1. Sounds like a beautiful Christmas filled with the love of family. We will be at my sister’s on Christmas Eve. Most of my extended family do not know Jesus, so it’s a time of ministry and just loving on people. Christmas morning we are up to open gifts (hopefully no earlier than 8 as my kids are older and better not wake me before then), breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon and cheesy potato casserole, some relaxing and then off to my SIL’s house for dinner. Merry Christmas!

    1. That sounds like a lovely Christmas too Barbie, I hope it is a great time of family, love, fellowship and Jesus. Blessings to you and yours. PS I don’t know about the potato casserole for breakfast though 🙂

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