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My mother-in-law generously gave us some Christmas fabric earlier this last month and it was enough to make a dress or skirt for our No 2 daughter.

I had in mind what I wanted to make and thought that I would join a skirt pattern with a pinafore pattern for the top.

So I washed the fabric and went to find the pattern pieces and guess what, the skirt pattern was missing.  It was only one piece and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Oh well, I still wanted to make it the same way so I sort of measured my daughters waist and added on a bit for ease and then cut out the skirt how I remembered it to be.  It is a circular skirt pattern cut on the fold.  It is a really nice pattern and so easy.

I then cut out the pinafore pattern and lifted the neckline on the front and dropped the back for the opening.  I  must admit I was really pleased that it all worked out so well.

The top fitted the skirt and I left the back seam open for buttons.  My daughter found three pretty old gold buttons to use as well.

I bound the neck seam with bias tape and then added a curved sort of flutter sleeve.

Some mistakes I made was that the armholes are a bit low, so she needs to wear a little t shirt underneath the dress, but you can’t really notice it.  I did cut the neck line a little large so next time I will bring it in a bit.

I found some nice white ribbon with gold hearts on it and sewed this over the waist seam to break up the fabric a bit.

No 2 daughter was thrilled with the dress, which made me so happy and it was lovely to see her wearing it on Christmas day.

IMG_0742[1]Unfortunately after washing the dress the gold print on the ribbon came off, so I will need to replace it.  I’m going to get a plain gold ribbon this time so that nothing can wash off :-).