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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

I’m going to apologise in advance for all the baby pics I’m about to post ;-).

I can officially say now that we’ve had another beautiful little granddaughter, and to mark this amazing blessing I’m posting a picture of the little darling and myself (you’ll have noticed I don’t post pics of me very often).  Here she is not quite 24 hours old and she’s a real trooper.Because we had the other children, I was also blessed to see them introduce this little girl to her big sisters and brother. They hung on every word that their father spoke about the little girl, her name, the fact that she was a she. It was a beautiful moment. And just because I can here’s another photo of her with one of her big sisters having a cuddle in bed – so special.Well that was our excitement last weekend and nothing we did this week matched it. My husband had been away for the weekend in Sydney at a men’s conference, so he hasn’t met the little one yet. Their flights got delayed so instead of coming home on Sunday night they didn’t get back until Monday night. I guess in a way it was good because he had time to catch up with his cousin that we see only every 5 years and he got to spend some quality time with the other men who went with them.

He saw a bit of Sydney as well and they went for a ferry ride, but he was definitely glad to get home. Unfortunately he came home with bronchitis so he’s been under the weather most of the week and the children have also had colds. So it’s been a slow one.

We didn’t have bible study this week but I managed to get in a morning sewing on Thursday for the Days 4 Girls group and then we had our book group in the afternoon. We are nearly finished Fervent and we are looking forward to starting our new book after the school holidays.

Friday we both met with our friends to do our bible study and then the children had theirs. Friday is always a busy day but it’s good as well and stretches both our thinking.

Our no 1 son and his young lady and brother came to visit us this weekend and we had a great time together, getting to know each other. He’s gone again for a few weeks and then back for the summer shearing period. The dynamics in the house change when he’s home as they do when he is away, a bit of adjustment and then we settle back down again.

Well that’s about our excitement for the week, onto our link up….

Our top three this week were….All The Good Things by Paper Seedlings
The Cult Next Door by The Cotton Apron Renewed Hope: Happy Birthday ‘Hope Prevails” by Dr Michelle Bengtson

Thanks everyone for stopping by and linking up, it’s been great to see you all here.

Okay this week coming…. sort of back to normal, whatever that is !!

More school, back to bible study, more piano practice, another sewing day and the usual Friday run around and weekend.

I think I may have a friend coming for lunch one day and a chat which will be nice. I need to get some seeds into pots for the coming spring vegetable garden and start to think about what I want to plant and where it’s going to go.

We’ve had some amazing lovely days this week and the sunshine has been glorious. The ground is starting to dry up and you can feel spring in the air. It seems like it’s been a long winter but God promises that the seasons will change and life goes on.

Genesis 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

I’ve been really challenged these past weeks about how serious we  are about standing on God’s word as being the truth, about not making excuses and fitting in with everyone else’s opinion because it’s easier. Sometimes we will need to stand alone and sometimes that is scary but we need to be strong and firm on what we believe.

There are tough times ahead my friends and our children need to know what it is to STAND FIRM and not allow our fears or others ideas to pull us away from what we believe.

Have a great week, and I pray that you feel God’s presence in your life everyday.

1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

Blessings xxx



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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

As you all know we’ve been waiting for our daughter to give birth to their fifth child, so this week we were on baby watch. We had our grandchildren for a few days so it’s been full on. They are great children and we really enjoy having them, but they really missed their Dad and Mum.

I can’t say yet whether it was a boy or girl (waiting on their birth announcement to go viral :-)) but the baby arrived after quite a wait on Friday night and we are thrilled with the new addition to our family.

I made two blankets for the baby, one for a boy and one for a girl, so of course one has been gifted and it gives me great pleasure to see the baby wrapped in it this morning at church. Here are the two blankets, both will be nice and warm.
So I guess anything else I have to say about the past week will fade into insignificance due to the birth, but what can I say, being a Grandma is such a wonderful thing and my husband and I take our roles very seriously. We are helping to lead and guide the next generation and we are keen to support and help our son-in-law and daughter do the best job they can. Actually they are doing an amazing job without us and we are blessed by their diligence to give God all the glory in all their decisions.

I have been down with a cold this past week so I’ve been a bit sluggish and the weather is so wet and cold at the moment. It’s that time of the year when we are really looking forward to the ground drying up and the start of Spring so that we can get into our garden and get the seasons vegetables growing.

It’ll be a little bit yet before that happens as the rain keeps coming. It’s a strange country we live in, we are having rain and cold, almost snowy weather and some of the country up north is dealing with a terrible drought. South of Sydney they are fighting bush fires all ready. It’s so hard to grasp.

To finish this week off here’s our granddaughter sitting so nicely waiting for her tea. She folds her hands and had to keep showing me her hands were folded – so cute.Okay that’s my news for the week, onto our link up.

Our top three this week were…How To Do A Thorough Cleaning On Your Home by 15 acre homestead The Ever Evolving Hallway by Penny’s Vintage HomeChurch Sister by Streams of April

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

Well this coming should be back to normal mostly. My husband has been away for the weekend at a men’s conference and then he was due home tonight but their flights got cancelled, so I now have to wait until tomorrow to see him. I miss him heaps and I’m definitely looking forward to him getting home.

We’ve got the usual bible study, book group, Friday happenings and then our no 1 son and the lovely Christian young lady he is courting will be visiting next weekend, so that’s exciting.

I’m hoping that we can visit our son-in-law and daughter at some stage as my husband hasn’t met the new addition so I’m sure he’ll be keen to do that.

Our message this morning was about how we respond to God’s call on our life, what excuses do we give and it was very challenging.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:1-3

May you allow the Lord to lead you to a place of rest and restoration this week.

Bless you all my friends xxx



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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How was your week?? Ours started out slow and gradually built up a bit. We had the first couple of days at home which was nice, and then our no 2 son had his piano lesson on Wednesday night before our Bible Study.

Thursday the ladies and I met for a Days 4 Girls sewing morning and then we had our book group in the afternoon.

Our no 1 son left for NSW on Wednesday so on Tuesday night I served him up one of his favourite dishes, bolognaise sauce with sourdough noodles.These noodles are so easy to make and are delicious too. Mine always look fairly rustic and home made but taste doesn’t always equal looks.  Anyway we all enjoyed it!!

My husband and our no 2 son have been working on a present for a friends birthday yesterday.  These friends have bought a property and are going to use it as a ministerial retreat for missionaries or pastors who need to have some quiet, regroup time. They have a lovely property with beautiful views. So we decided that we would do a name plaque. Our no 2 son cut out the rose and then my husband worked at putting it all together, carving out the lettering and finishing it up. I think they did a fantastic job and our friends were as pleased as punch, which is all the thanks we needed. What a blessing it is to give.

We’re still waiting for our next grandbaby to be born and because I know the grandchildren are coming soon I did some baking and made some Anzac biscuits, these are easy and a favourite. So we are all ready now. It’s been a week of anticipation really.It’s been very wet here lately and cold so we are under water here at the moment. It is boggy and muddy, which is normal for this time of the year but the winter started out dry.

We’ve got church tonight instead of this morning due to a power cut so I’ve made a cake and bread rolls to have with the fellowship tea to follow. My husband’s Father’s class is having it’s graduation ceremony so another group of men who have gone from being good fathers to great fathers. We need to pray for our men that they would be strong and courageous to stand up again the enemy’s attack on their position in the family.

Okay my friends, onto the link up…

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Thank you everyone for stopping by, linking up and sharing your thoughts and comments with other like minded bloggers.

This coming weeks activities will all depend on when our new grandchild is born and when the other grandchildren are coming. Most of what I have planned can wait and we can have fun with the children. They are a pleasure to look after and there’s always fun and laughter.

We do have our monthly Women’s Mission Meeting which would be good to get to because a missionary friend is giving her testimony, so I’d like to hear that. Apart from that and our Bible study on Wednesday night there isn’t much on this week. Most likely piano lessons on Saturday morning and then church on Sunday.

I found some great knitting ideas for the grandchildren for Christmas so I might get started on them this week because I’m nearly finished my other projects. These patterns are good because I can use my left over yarn from other items that I’ve knitted.

All right my friends, I hope this finds you well and blessed. I pray that God is working in your lives and that you feel His hand on you.

God bless xxxx





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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

We’ve had a good but busy week with medical appointments early in the week. Both younger children had to go to the dentist and then we were in Warrnambool on Tuesday for my husband.

Our no 1 son came home on Monday night. It’s been great catching up with him and all that he has been doing. He’s gone again this coming week and then back home for his summer shearing time in a few weeks.

It’s so great watching him grow and learn and rely more and more on God. He’s courting a lovely christian girl and it’s so nice to see them develop their relationship with God as the head.  This is such an important step that many young couples miss and it’s important to make sure that God is part of the partnership.

We started milking again and I managed to get some butter made this week. Butter has become quite expensive so it’s nice to cross that one off the shopping list each week.  I’m even using the butter dish I made earlier this year at pottery classes, and it’s still in one piece.I also managed to get some cheese made as well. This is a cream cheese so a soft one. This is the easiest one to make, just add starter and rennet and let it sit all day. Drain the curds overnight and then put in a container and add some salt and refrigerate. Easy and delicious.Next week we will be milking two cows so I’m hoping to get on top of the butter making and maybe start on some hard cheeses. When we make cheese we leave the cream in but when we need butter we separate it, and we actually prefer to drink the milk separated.

Remember last weekend we butchered the roosters??? Well I used one this week and made a chicken and pumpkin curry. I cooked the rooster in the pressure cooker and then put the liquid in with the pumpkin in the slow cooker and cooked it for the afternoon. I also put in curry powder, salt, the chicken, coconut cream and some peanut butter.When we got home on Friday night all I had to do was cook some rice and actually our no 2 daughter did that for me. It was so delicious and it was nice to come home and not have to worry what to cook.

We’ve started a new Bible Study and this week was our second get together. It’s on emotionally healthy spirituality and it’s definitely going to be good. It’s pretty full on with reading and home work but we are enjoying it all the same and my good friend and I also discuss it on a Friday afternoon.

This is nice because it sort of gives you a couple days to think and process what you have heard and then we come together and sort of even deepen it more. I really am blessed by this relationship and we are really developing a good friendship.

Our no 1 and 2 son went to our son-in-law and daughter’s place to do firewood on Saturday and spent the night. They all love catching up when he is home and our no 2 son got a treat to go with. We all pitch in with work around here and our no 1 son has blessed us with organising our firewood this year and our no 2 son has been doing a great job of loading it and stacking it here.

The first Sunday of the month there is always a fellowship luncheon after church and it is always nice to sit and chat with our church family over a meal. After church our no 2 daughter had her piano exam and she went really well. It’s a lot of hard work and she pulled it together really well in the end. Our no 2 son will do his at the end of the year and both children are looking forward to new pieces.

Okay everyone, onto our link up…

Our top three this week were… Ice Cream Cone Cake by Mrs Kringle’s Kitchen Prayer: A Holy Occupation by Thoughts on BooksShe Held Onto Hope by Streams of April

Thank you every one for stopping by and linking up. There is such a great range of posts each week to read and learn from, I hope you enjoy your visit.

This coming week we will, at some stage, hopefully have a new grandbaby. Our no 1 daughter is due any day now and we are excited and filled with anticipation. Children are such a blessing and a gift from God.

So while waiting for the baby we will be doing school and piano and work around the place. We’ve also got our book group and another sewing morning for the Days 4 Girls.

There’s the usual night time Bible Study and our get together on Friday afternoons and the children’s study to attend. Music lessons and then church. All good and all fun and all hopefully teaching us more about being like Jesus.

Well my friends, I look forward to hearing from you and how you have been going. I pray that you will be blessed and feel God’s presence in your everyday life.

Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Blessings xxx



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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How have you all been??? We’ve had a good week and the weather has been absolutely beautiful – until today. We’ve had cold mornings but lovely clear sunny days which make getting washing dry much easier. Then today – Sunday it turned cold, wet and windy again but it’s not September yet so we still need a bit more winter to make us appreciate summer.

I finished the vest for our grandson and he was thrilled to get it and wear it.  It turned out a great fit and the colour looks really nice on him.That’s got all of them in hand knitted jumpers so now I’m working on something for when the new baby arrives.

My good friend who I meet with for Bible Study gave me some of her sour dough starter so I’ve been excited to get that going.  The first loaf I made didn’t rise quite enough but the next one was better.  I use a recipe that requires you to make a sponge first which is pictured below. You then add flour and mix it and place it a bread tin to rise again and then you bake it.  This loaf could still rise a bit more but I’ll keep on working on it. It’s great making bread when the wood stove is going to help keep the kitchen warm and rise it.We did another morning sewing for the Days 4 Girls ministry and then we met for Book Club. We are still working on Fervent and I enjoy getting together with the ladies to discuss it.

We started a new Bible Study with our small group and it’s on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. It’s a pretty heavy study but it looks good, nothing like getting your teeth into it.

The children also had their Bible Study this week and they are looking at baptism. They have a really good group of young people and it’s so nice to see them interacting together, and doubly good that it’s a Bible Study and not a youth group.

On Saturday, after music lessons we went and helped our son-in-law and no 1 daughter butcher some roosters. We did 5 of ours as well and managed to knock off 22 of them. The men did the butchering side, no 2 son and I did the plucking and the girls did the gutting. I’m not keen on gutting and after 22 I was getting over the smell of wet feathers.They all did such a great job and the 2 younger children kept up with us as well and we managed to get them done in 4 hours. The grandies were there to lend a hand too if we needed them.

That’s one more job off our no 1 daughters “to be completed before the baby comes” list. We had a great time together and it was a very good relationship building exercise.

Because it’s so cold and wet today we are keeping inside this afternoon trying to keep warm. Our no 1 son has been away up north again and he’s coming home tomorrow for around a week so we are looking forward to that. Then he’s back up north until the end of August.


Last week was busy at the end, this coming week is a bit busier earlier. We have dentist appointments and singing and piano lessons, my husband has a medical appointment and Bible study. Then we are home before Friday and the usual weekend busyness.

If our daughter goes into labour then we’ll be helping with the children and our no 2 daughter has her piano exam next weekend.

All good though and we’ve got a couple full days home. The children are learning to do their school while we are out and about and it keeps them on their toes.

Our minister has been preaching on the Sermon on the Mount and each week we have been challenged with our faith. This week it was title “A Radical Choice”. We have a choice to make – to follow Christ or not. There is no compromise.

Well my friends, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you are all well.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. Psalms 121:1-2

Blessings my dear friends xxx

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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

Another week gone by and another week closer to spring here and another week closer to the birth of our next grandchild. Only a few weeks to go and we will get to meet the newest little bundle of joy, you can tell we’re excited.

We are in the middle of winter here, with six weeks left until it is officially spring, unfortunately sometimes spring doesn’t realise it’s here until much later. We can have very mild weather and then we can get very hot weather before Christmas, only God knows what’s coming this year.

I’m about a month off sowing seeds into jiffy pots to plant out in Sept/Oct. Last year I just put the seed into jiffy pots and then straight outside but they were slow, so this year we are going to sow them and have them sprout in our hothouse and then harden them off and plant them, in the jiffy pots, into the raised beds. Hopefully this will mean a much earlier harvest, but we’ll see. I then just need to keep the birds away and keep them protected from the frosts that we can get here up until November.

Some of the mince we have put into our freezer.

We managed to get the last of the cow cut up and packaged. We’ve got some lovely roasts, diced beef and mince in the freezer now to keep us going until the end of September, when we do our spring/summer kill.

This past week we had the final night of our Marriage Course, it was really a party or a sort of break-up. It was a great night with great desserts and some interested couples who came to hear what it was about, and may participate next year.

Our no 1 son is working up north again for a couple of weeks so the cooking and washing load is a bit lighter here at the moment. It’s hard to get washing dry here so not having as much is good, though we do miss him and I wouldn’t complain about the washing if he was home.

We had quite a quiet week at home this past week, which was nice and it was good to focus on our schooling and music. It was wet though so there wasn’t much outdoor stuff happening.

Okay, onto our link up…

Our top three this week were… Week End Treasure Hunt by Penny’s Vintage HomeThe #1 Location To Spend More Of Your Time by Woman Abiding Pursuing Unity in Marriage by G & E

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

Next week is another almost at home one except for book group on Thursday afternoon. We are also getting together to do some Days 4 Girls sewing that morning, so it’s one day out instead of two.

We are starting a new Bible Study on Wednesday night and it’s on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. It sounds interesting and it’s a new group for us so it will be great to get to know some others really well.

There’s our usual meet on Friday afternoon where my husband and I both meet with friends to do Bible Study. My husband and his friend are looking at Proverbs whilst my friend and I are discussing Biblical education. Both different topics but both very interesting.

I think we are doing a big rooster kill on Saturday at our no 1 daughter’s place so that we can get on top of them all before she has their next baby.

That’s about all for the week and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Blessings my dear friends xxx



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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

Sorry I didn’t turn up last week, we were away camping and didn’t get back in time and then our internet has been off-line and it’s been very annoying., but I’m back now and I have heaps of things to share with you this week.

We went down to the Otways to where our children were camping and made them dinner on Saturday night.  Here’s my darling relaxing after we got the dutch oven on the fire and everything going.We cooked them up a delicious slow cooked beef and mushroom dish with baked potatoes that was awesome (if I may say so myself) and an apple and raspberry crumble for dessert . This was our first time cooking on an open fire and we had to be careful we didn’t burn anything but it turned our really well, and they were all very appreciative of a nice hot meal when they returned back late that night.We stayed in a nearby town in a cabin with hot showers and heaters (we’re a bit soft) while the others camped out in the cold. They were probably warm in their swags and campers but it was a very damp weekend for them.

Our youngest children with our youngest granddaughter

It gives us great joy to see the children all getting along so well and spending time together just being good friends. This is so important and something that we have really tried to work on for them.  Our no 1 son is courting a lovely Christian girl and she was able to come down as well with some other friends which was great.

We were only away one night but the bigger pigs decided they needed a bit of a change of scenery. We couldn’t find them when we got home but located them down our side road the next morning.
My amazing husband has them well trained because they followed him home while I drove the ute behind them. They are all back safely and behind some more hot wires to keep them in.

I finished the cardigan I was knitting for this sweet girl and it looks great. The colour is different for her but it really suits her and a nice change from pink. This is a great and easy pattern and knits up very quickly.After I gifted the cardigan I got stuck into a pair of socks for one of my closer friends for her birthday. I get a lot of satisfaction from knitting for people and the socks fit her just right.They aren’t a very exciting colour but just perfect for her. They are wool too so they will keep her feet warm during this cold winter.

It’s school holidays here so the ladies and I got together to do a couple of days sewing the pads and holders for the Days 4 Girls ministry. We’ve been blessed each time we get together and it’s always good fun doing it with each other.  There’s lots of talking and laughing and sharing and our relationships are strengthening and deepening.

I’ve started knitting a vest for our grandson and it’s going really well. The wool is sort of a tweedy look in a dark charcoal and it’s my first attempt at cables. When you get started it’s actually not too hard and I’m looking forward to sharing the completed item with you next week (hopefully).  Then I might knit a tea cosy because I found a really nice tea pot at the op shop but we’ll see if that happens, I might start a jumper for my husband with cables instead.

We had some friends from Melbourne stay with us for a couple of nights over the weekend and there was much conversation on small crop farming, orchards, vegetables and aquaponics. I think we all learnt a lot from each other and it was a blessing.

The mornings this week have been terribly cold and frosty but the days have been lovely and sunny, although still cold. I managed to get a bit of washing dry and some weeding and mulching done on the raised beds.

Okay my friends onto the link up… How To Make Your Own Fire Pit by Artful Homemaking The Beauty of Sacrifice and the Joy of Giving by Living Our DaysHomestyle Creamed Corn by The Bearded Hiker

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

This week coming is back to IT. What is IT you ask??? IT is normal everyday school life and weekly activities or NESLWA!!

That means, bible study, music lessons, school work, gets started with a bang. We did do school work during the first week of the holidays but then no 2 son went and helped dad whilst no 2 daughter helped me sew. All good learning though.

Piano exams are in 3 weeks so no 2 daughter is busy working on that and no 2 son will do his exam at the end of the year.

I hope you are all going well and I look forward to hearing from you.

Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Blessings my dear friends xxx



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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

We’ve had a full on but good week and for the next two weeks everything is on hold for school holidays so I’m actually home all of this coming week.

We don’t usually take school holidays off with school and it’s nice to get stuck into some work without all the other stuff going on, so not a lot of running around happening.

On Monday the children performed at the Warrnambool Eisteddfod. They had a great time and once again it was nice to catch up with friends that we don’t see very often. The children they perform with are the same each year and it’s good to see how they have improved over the past twelve months.  Needless to say they both brought home ribbons which is always exciting and a blessing.

We had our last marriage course session on Monday night and it was a great course. I would suggest that we had heard the information before but it was good to sit and discuss some of this stuff and be re-awakened to it. Sometimes we just need a nudge to remember and go – we should be doing this or that. It was a seven week course and we would definitely recommend it to any married couples.

I was excited to finish our eldest granddaughter’s cardigan this week and doubly excited to be able to give it to her on Thursday.  It fit really well with extra growth room, which is always a bonus. I think she was pretty happy with it too, it being in her favourite colour.The back of the cardy had this lovely pleat in it and it sits so nicely when she is wearing it. I’ve got a couple of orders for now so I’m on the search for the right ply yarn now that our wool shop has closed. I’ve commenced my next project which is a little cardigan for my friends little boy who is 4 months old. It’s in 12 ply so it shouldn’t take too long.Our no 2 daughter and I got together with the ladies to do some sewing for Days 4 Girls and we managed to get a bit done this time. It is going to be a big job but we’re all up for the challenge. During the holidays we’ll set up in the church hall and do a couple days together. It’s much more fun being together and doing it, the fellowship is great.

We didn’t have book group this week due to a couple not being able to make it but we’ll meet again after the school holidays. We’re still enjoying the book and we’re over half way now so we’re on the look out for another book to read together.

My husband and no 2 son have been busy doing woodwork together. Our son is carving a walrus and he’s doing a great job and I think my husband is doing some scroll sawing, and he always does an amazing job. I’m looking forward to sharing when they are done.

It’s been cold here this week with a couple of frosts, so the garden is quite slow at the moment. I’m looking forward to the brassicas getting going and I’m also looking forward to eating them. The livestock around here do give our garden a hard time and last time the chickens were the problem, so hopefully we’ve got that sorted. We’ll get out this week and do some weeding and some more mulching.

Okay enough about us, onto the link up…

Our top three this week were…Mini Cinnamon Roll Bites (No Dough Required!)  by from PLAY DATES to Parties
Cancer, Hospice, Decisions – “A Storied Life” by Lisa NotesMinimizing Mental Clutter by Biblical Minimalism

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

As I said earlier I’ve got the coming week at home. There is a camping trip next weekend and the children are going with their older siblings and we’ll go down for a day or so as well. Hopefully it won’t be too cold and wet.

I might try and have a friend over for a visit and catch up but other than that we are home, schooling and I’d like to do some sewing with our no 2 daughter.

I’ve been doing some devotions on Spiritual Warfare to follow up on our Fervent book, and it’s been so good to keep that in the front of my mind. As wives and mothers we stand in the gap for our husbands and children and it’s our job to pray for them specifically and fervently. Don’t give up ladies, don’t let the enemy confuse you or make you feel insignificant. You have an amazing role to play so keep at it.

I hope you are all going well and I look forward to hearing from you.

Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Blessings my dear friends xxx



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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How have you been this week??? Are you enjoying the wet, cold wintry weather or are you enjoying the summer months. We had very cold weather but the days had been beautiful and sunny, that was until Saturday then it turned wet and dreary. That’s winter for us here, it’s either frosty and sunny or cloudy and dark.

I like winter though because I can make soup on my wood stove without using any power. This week I made pumpkin and artichoke and it was delicious and I also made some chicken and corn soup for a meeting at church on Saturday and that was yummy too. I think chicken and corn would be my favourite soup but pumpkin is good too. The addition of the artichokes gave it an additional lovely flavour.

Pumpkin and artichoke soup served with cream and grated cheese.

I had harvested our artichokes a week ago and I got round to scrubbing them and then grating and dehydrating them this week. They are great to use in soups and stews and even blended into a powder they are useful as a thickener.

Grated and dried artichoke.

Our son-in-law, daughter and her family spent Monday with us and they did their school with us. It was nice to have them around and see them and enjoy some fellowship. I’m knitting a cardigan for our eldest granddaughter at the moment and I’ve only got a sleeve and collar to go now.It’s a super chunky yarn so it’s quick to knit up and it will be very warm for her. It’s a nice bright colour too so it’ll add some sparkle to the dark winter days. I’ve got my next project planned and ready to go and this one will be for our youngest granddaughter and then I’ve got some beanies to do and a vest for our grandson.

I’m really enjoying knitting for family and it gives me great pleasure to do so.

My husband had his sleep apnea test this week and it’s proving to be a quite serious issue for him. We are thankful to God that He is leading us to the right people to get this sorted for him. Once he gets his machine they are saying that he will be all good, and he’s looking forward to getting the issue dealt with.

The children had the break up for their Bible Class on Friday night and they had a pizza and movie night. The pizza was delicious and they all had a good time and it was nice to catch up with the other parents as well.

Okay, onto our link up…

Our top three this week were…

Family Worship by G & E Juneberry Pie by Sew HistoricallyInside the Summer Greenhouse by Penny’s Vintage Home

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

Tomorrow we have the Warrnambool Eisteddfod and the children will be in the piano competition. This one is much more relaxed than the last one and it is a lovely encouraging environment. This will be the last one for the year and it’ll be nice to be finished, then it’s onto exams.

We’ve got our last Marriage Course night this week and then it’s finished. We have learnt so much and we’ve enjoyed it as well.

It’s a quieter week this week and I’m getting together with the ladies to do some Days 4 Girls sewing, and then we’ve got our book group that same day.

I’m hoping to catch up on some school and sort out my sewing room so that I can find things again. It seems to be the room where everything gets put when it doesn’t have a home.

Okay my friends that’s it for this week and I’m looking forward to hearing how you have all been.

Have a great week!!!

On a closing note I’d like to share my favourite scripture with you.

Proverbs 3:56 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

Blessings my friends xxxx



to our


Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

Another week gone by and winter has well and truly arrived. It has been cold, wet and windy here this past week and the wood stove is pumping out the heat. At this moment I’ve got a pot of pumpkin and artichoke soup cooking on it. I really enjoy making soup on our wood stove, it requires so little effort and energy.

To my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope your summer is going well and your vegetables are growing nicely and your enjoying the fruits of your labours.

We had a couple of days at home this week which was nice and we caught up on some rest and housework.

We were able to take the children into the nursing home where my mother-in-law lives and they played their eisteddfod pieces for the residents and our no 2 son sang one of his songs. It was great to see how their music drew in more and more of the people. They had a great time and it blessed us immensely to be able to do it.

We had our training session on Wednesday for the Days for Girls ministry. I talked about this last week and we are making feminine hygiene products for girls overseas who have nothing available to them. It went really well and now we have enough cut out to keep us going for a while.

One of the ladies is sewing the bags that the kit goes in and another lady is sewing up the liners and our no 1 daughter and myself are sewing up the holders. Our no 2 daughter did a great job of cutting the bags out then helping with the children and organising lunch. Overall we had a great day with a bit of competitiveness between us all. Don’t worry – we all get on really well. We hope to get together in a couple weeks and then again during the school holidays.

We had our book club also and we were reading about “our past”. I think it was one of the best discussions we have had yet and everyone felt comfortable to share about their experiences of prayer and God’s grace.

The rest of the week was filled with the normal activities we usually do and also trying to keep warm as it was so cold.

I’m not going to do our top three this week because when the weather is lousy so it our internet. So I apologise for that. 

We’ve got our marriage course this next week and we’re nearly finished it with only two more nights to go. This course has been great and we have really hashed some stuff through and learnt a lot. We have become more aware of each other and our needs, if you get a chance to do a course like this I would highly recommend it. This one is The Marriage Course by Nicky and Sila Lee.

We’ve got our ladies mission group at church this week and after our meeting I am giving my testimony. It’s been good to think about how God has been leading me all my life and I’m looking forward to sharing the highlights with the ladies. I am a bit nervous though but they are a great bunch so I should be all right.

The rest of the week is the usual, my husband has his Father’s Course our Bible Study for the children next week will be a movie and pizza night. They are really excited about it and it will definitely be fun for them and we get to socialise with the other parents.

Okay my friends that’s it for this week and I’m looking forward to hearing how you have all been.

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx