Hey there everyone and welcome back to another Good Morning Mondays.

I am back blogging to some extent. I’m not sure how much I will be able to do, but I am going to at least run the link up and hopefully read some of your posts. My concentration isn’t quite back yet, but it is improving daily.

Let me just say first of all a big thank you to all my friends out there who have been praying for me and my family. Thank you to Cheryl at Homespun Devotions for sharing news of my accident with you all and also to all the others that shared it as well.

I must admit the past few weeks have been very challenging and I am slowly getting back to normal.

I was at church with our two youngest children on the last Sunday in August when I went side ways down three steps at church. I was talking to a couple of friends and not paying attention and my foot slipped off the top step and crunched underneath me as I went down.

It wasn’t a very graceful fall and was terribly embarrassing and very painful. Unfortunately for me was the fact that my husband and oldest son were away (about an hours drive) at a men’s camp.

To make a long story shorter, they called the ambulance and they took me to Accident and Emergency at our local hospital. My husband arrived within the hour (after very good and fast driving by our son) and after the x-rays were taken it was determined that I had broken my leg in 4 places and also damaged my knee joint.

I spent the night in our local hospital and was then taken by ambulance down to a bigger city hospital the next morning. I was then operated on the following afternoon and they did their best to fix what I had broken.

I now have a plate and 10 screws in my upper leg/knee and a plate and 6 screws in my ankle. I actually broke both the Tibia and Fibula about the ankle and below the knee. No one could say that I don’t do things by halves.

I spent a week in the city hospital and after I had a special cast made for my leg I was able to be transferred back to our local hospital, where I spent a week before I was able to come home.

I am now in a sort of half cast which can be removed for me to exercise my leg gently. I can’t bear any weight on my leg for at least another 6 – 8  weeks and then hopefully by the end of November I can start trying to walk again.

Our church family and friends have been very generous and our freezer hasn’t been empty for 3 weeks. We have been so blessed with everyone’s help.

I am glad to be home and back with the family, although I must admit it is probably more challenging here than in hospital but being with my husband and children outweighs the challenges.

I am sure there will be plenty of posts to follow about what I have learned, but I just really wanted to let you all know what has been happening and start getting back on track.

On a very exciting note, two weeks ago our son-in-law and daughter became parents to their first son. We are now very pleased grandparents to two granddaughters and a lovely little boy.

Four generations
We are truly blessed.

Thank you again for all your prayers and for linking up each week. I look forward to reading what you have been up to these past weeks.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all my friends. xxxx


Welcome to Good Morning Mondays #45.

Another week has passed and August is almost over. Soon September will be here along with more spring weather for us and for you all in the Northern Hemisphere some cooler weather.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, the buds are coming out and we already have some flowers on our fruit and nut trees. The ground is starting to dry out and we are planning our spring vegetable garden already.

Our daughter and son are home from skiing and it is wonderful to have them back. They had a great time and our no 2 daughter has some awful sunburn on her face and it is only where her goggles weren’t. She does look so cute. It seems that she was really good on skis and amazed everyone with how well she went.

Here she is with the beautiful young lady who took her, she is a sister to our son-in-law and they had a great time together.

image1439851893833Here she is on the ski lift, look at her poor cheeks they are almost as pink as her helmet.IMG_20150820_161433

Here is a picture of our two lovely granddaughters on their toboggan. They had a ball going down the slopes and they are wearing the matching beanies I made for them, I am really pleased with how they fit.

I felt worn out just listening to all that they were doing, it sounded so energetic.

We had a quiet week without our no 1 son and no 2 daughter. I had hardly any washing and no 2 son missed them both.

We had our Revelation study on Tuesday night and once again it was a great time spent together in the word of God.

We took a trip to Portland on Thursday and visited my husbands’ uncle and aunt. We had a lovely afternoon together and I will put up a separate post on this trip as I got some lovely photos of the area, unfortunately the weather wasn’t conducive to fishing.

I must admit I was full of the flu earlier in the week and felt rather miserable and we didn’t really achieve too much. We did some jigsaw puzzles and spent some valuable time together just talking and no 2 son stepped up and helped with the chores his sister usually does, he is growing up really quickly.

I think I am ready to get back on track this week with the link up. Sometimes we don’t have any motivation and we just need to decide to do something and then it all comes together. This is my plan for this coming week.

So thank you to all of you who faithfully linked up and stopped by and left me encouraging comments, I really appreciated it.

So onto our link up for this week.

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Thank you to everyone for linking up, I hope you had a good time reading each others posts.

This week I am giving our no 2 daughter a few days of rest and recuperation. She is very tired so I will let her gel out a bit.

I now have washing so I am going to try and get on top of that and try and get it dry. We have a sewing afternoon later in the week which will be nice as we haven’t been able to get together for ages, maybe we might even finish the quilts!!

My husband and our no 1 son are going to a men’s camp this coming weekend so the children and I are on deck with all the animals, hopefully they will behave themselves this time.  They are only away 2 nights but I will really miss them both, my husband and I don’t spend much time apart (except for work).

We have the usual music lessons and church and then I want to be home on Sunday afternoon when they get back.

It is now only 2 weeks until our daughter is due to have their next baby so I think I might put a few things in the car for us so that we are prepared. It is very exciting to think about this new little one coming into the family.

I hope you are all well and that your days are filled with joy and thanksgiving for all that our Heavenly Father has done for us.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all my friends. xxxx


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Welcome again to another Good Mondays Link up.  We are up to Week 44 and I have been tremendously blessed  by all of you who link up and leave me encouraging comments. We all know that it only takes a few simple words of kindness to make someone feel good about themselves, so thank you to all of you who take the time.

I have had a quiet week, both younger children have been unwell and we even had no 2 son to emergency with asthma last Sunday night. They gave him some ventolin through the nebuliser and sent him home. I think the excitement of the trip made him feel a lot better. He isn’t a run and wheeze asthmatic like his dad used to be but he does get a bit of a wheeze when he has a cold.

No 2 daughter was barking with a cough during the week so we spent a fair bit of time inside trying to get her well enough to go on her ski trip.

So most of the week I was at home. We did have music lessons and the children are so excited to have some new pieces to start on and they have some lovely tunes to learn.

I finished the beanies for our granddaughters and also made one for our no 1 son.  He wasn’t around for a photo shoot so I got our daughter to model it for you.  It was made out of a thick and chunky wool which was thicker than a 12 ply and I used a size 7 needle, so it was quick to make, it only took a couple of hours and he really liked it. It is wonderful when we are appreciated for our hard work.DSC_1893I make beanies every year and I will probably make a couple of more now and put them away for next year, in case they misplace them somewhere, they always seem to go walkabout.

Now while she was modelling the beanie I got her to put on her ski gear. Here she is all ready to go and by Saturday afternoon she was so excited, and she had trouble getting to sleep last night.


Our no 1 son left last night to stay at his friends house and then they got an early start this morning (Sunday). At 6 pm they were at Mansfield organising their skis and gear and groceries. He has 3 friends with him and one who he hasn’t seen for months and I am sure they are going to have a great time.

We didn’t get to see our son-in-law or daughter and their girls yet and they are off skiing this coming week also, but we will catch up once they get home, so I don’t have any grandchildren photos for you.

So I thought I’d show you a photo of my husband and his new puppy Schnitzel.  Isn’t he cute, and the puppy isn’t bad either.DSC_1883

Enough about us, onto our link up.

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Thank you to everyone for linking up and thank you also for your lovely comments regarding my commenting break at the moment. I am hoping to be back shortly and I look forward to reading your posts again in the near future.

I am sure I am going to have another quiet week this week and I have also caught a cold so I am feeling slightly unwell.

No 2 son is already missing his big sister and I want to do some extra things with him this week and I am hoping we can go to the library at some stage and I know my husband is wanting to visit one of his uncles who lives near the water and maybe we will go fishing at some stage.

All this depends on the weather and it was almost spring like on Saturday, so the fishing might happen.

I hope you all had a great week and that this week coming will be wonderful and full of joy and love.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all my friends. xxxx

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Hi there and welcome to another Good Morning Mondays. August has arrived and with it the rain. We haven’t had much rain this winter but it is making up for it and now we have mud.

August is what we call the dirty month. Everything is wet and muddy and slippery, but we are thankful for the rain and I am trying hard to be thankful for the mud also. I am glad that I have good gum boots to wear around outside.

This past week has been good. We went to town Monday, to pay bills and grocery shop. Monday night my husband said that it was time we took a holiday and he declared Tuesday a holiday. This actually meant that he stayed home and gelled out. He milked the cow and did the chores but he was able to catch up on a bit of needed rest.

Then it was wet and cold on Wednesday too so he decided that it would be another good day to take it easy. This is wonderful and the children love it when he is home to spend time with them and do things with them. So none of us dislike his holidays.

He has been incubating eggs with our No 2 daughter and they have done a great job. We have 10 chickens in the box near the wood stove. They are so cute, noisy!!, but cute. They will only be inside until they can jump out of the box, then it’s outside in a bird cage with a lamp and cover to keep them warm.
DSC_1889We have a heap of puppies here at the moment and they are really cute. Here is  photo of the two different types. The big one is a staghound and the little one is a jack russell cross.  They get on really well but it is quite amusing how the little ones are willing to take on the big ones. The big dogs are so easy going and great with the children, we are still training them to not chase the chickens, and they will learn that very shortly (if they know what is good for them).

DSC_1868The cats are taking it easy out the front (away from the dogs).


So with my husband’s holidays my week has been a bit different and I must admit I am all out of whack. Late nights have crept back and mornings are so difficult.

So I have decided to take a couple of weeks to get my routine back in order. No 2 daughter is only home for another week and then she is going skiing for a week. So it will be No 2 son and me home for a week by ourselves. I am looking forward to spending time with him. I will definitely miss our daughter and I am trying not to dwell on that too much (or I will cry), and I am praying that she will have a great time with the others.

So for the next couple of weeks I will not be able to read too many posts. I didn’t start this linkup to not read them and I do enjoy reading all that you write, but I am just struggling at the moment.

So once my routine is back in order so will my reading and commenting on your posts. So I am going to apologise in advance for this and hope that you will all understand.  Please continue to link up and share the love around with each other. Thank you also for your friendship to me, I really do value this.

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Thank you everyone for linking up. This link up is such a valuable resource on just about anything. I love that we have farming posts and recipes and sewing and prepping and then especially the devotional posts. There is something for everyone and this is only because of all of you who take the time to share your wisdom.

This coming week I need to organise some clothes and make some more for our daughter so she has enough for skiing. I need to help her pack as well.

We will definitely be doing school also and the afternoons still seem to be working well for us.  We didn’t have music lessons this week and the results for their exams aren’t through yet so we have to wait another few days.  The children still have another eisteddfod in September so there will be lots of work to do for that, but they enjoy it.

Our next grand baby is due next month, I think it is only 5 weeks now (am I right No 1 daughter??). This is very exciting and I am looking forward to the phone call that means we get to look after the girls. This is such a blessing to us to be able to help out when we can.

I am working on the beanies for the granddaughters at the moment so they can take them skiing and I should have them finished early in the week.

Righto, I hope you are all going well and I would still love to hear from you and I will reply to all comments that I get.

Remember to think about others and care for others and love others, even if they are annoying or ungrateful. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. We aren’t just called to love the lovable.

Luke 6:27-36 “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

I hope you all have a great week and that God is blessing you in all that you do.

Love to you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

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Hey there everyone, welcome to another Good Morning Mondays. What a wonderful season winter is and we have one more month to go until spring comes.

Where we live the weather is always variable even in summer, which can be quite good. We are about an hour from the coast so we often get lovely sea breezes in the evenings in summer which takes away the heat.

It has finally gotten wet here and there is heaps of water lying around. Our firebreaks look very boggy. (a firebreak is an area between our fence and the nature strip that we either plow or spray, so that there is no growth, and then it inhibits fire crossing it).

It has been cold outside and our wood stove is pumping out the heat, some days it doesn’t seem enough, but all you need to do is step outside and you know that it is warm inside.

We have had a good week and started it off with the Christianity 101 course at our church on Monday night. I think there was possibly 3 people there who were not Christian, some others who were maybe nominal and then quite a few from church who attended to support the others. It was quite an interesting evening and the discussions that we had at our table were good. Discussing God and His ways and His word is always good.

We had earlier music lessons this week because we went to Melbourne over the weekend. The children had their exams this afternoon and I am sure they are glad they are over, and I know they are looking forward to getting new pieces next week.

On Friday afternoon we headed to Melbourne to a family conference and spent the night there and all day Saturday. It is great to be together with like minded Christian people who want to have strong family relationships with God at the center. We caught up with some old and made some new friends and the children had a great time.

They had separate character training for them and character training the way they did it was fun.

I took some photos on our journey.  The picture below was just before we arrived at our destination. The moon was so big and full, it was just beautiful.

Picture of the full moon with the car tail lights at the bottom.

Seems that every major city has a big wheel and Melbourne is no different. This picture was taken as we were driving past on the freeway.’

Melbourne’s Ferris Wheel
City buildings

I was born and raised in Brisbane which is a major capital city but it didn’t take me long to love the country and living there and I must admit I find it difficult to visit the city, but the trip was well worth it.

The farm and animals seemed to be okay while we were away which is good and we have just ordered some tomato seedlings from our daughter who is going to grow a couple hundred for us to put in our hot house.

Now my husband is making plans to build this hothouse which will be portable and able to be moved each year onto new ground. I have also found a nursery where we can buy cheaper fruit trees, so next month we are hoping to get a few to add to our orchard.

With winter coming to an end and spring just around the corner there is always heaps to plan and build and think about.

Okay onto our link up.

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Thank you dear friends for stopping by and linking up. I didn’t quite get all the posts read this week with being away so I do apologise. I am looking forward to seeing what you have for us this week.

This week is going to be reasonably quiet.  Monday we are in town doing banking and groceries and Tuesday night is our Revelation Study.

We are hopefully going to catch up with our son-in-law, daughter and their girls sometimes this week and we are all definitely looking forward to that time.

Our children have no music lessons this weekend so we will hear about their results later in the week from their teacher.  They will be looking forward to their music lessons the following week when they get some new pieces, that is always exciting and I am looking forward to having some new tunes to hum in my head..

I look forward to hearing from you all again this week and I pray that your days are blessed.

Love to you all my friends. xxxx

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Another week gone by and another week closer to spring, summer and then Christmas and the end of the year.

Where is is going, into the past and we can’t slow it down no matter how hard we try. So let’s just live our lives one day at a time with our eyes on the Lord.

Welcome back to another Good Morning Mondays. It is definitely winter here and it has been cold this past week. Now we don’t get snow here but the puddles outside were frozen over this week.

Here is No 2 son holding a piece of frozen puddle, he was so excited.
Ice on the ground at church after a hail storm this morning.
It is amazing where cats will go to keep warm. Ours has found a nice place to shelter from the cold in our esky.

We have had a nice week at home and we have really been working on our music and school. No 2 son is really moving along with his reading and this is just wonderful. I think teaching children to read is one of the hardest things, but when they finally get it, it is wonderful. A whole new world of books is opened up to them.

I have been thinking a lot about death this week and I suppose this comes from the father at church who passed away.  I was unable to make it to the funeral as No 2 son wasn’t well (he does have some chesty cough issues in this weather). My husband went and the church was over full, about 600 people attended.  He meant a lot to a lot of people that was for sure, but I suppose my husband and I were saddened by the lack of God mentioned in his obituary.

What do we want to be remembered for, for our ability to play sports the best, or our need/desire to bring our children up in the ways of God. Mmm it has definitely had me thinking.

We were able to face time with some friends in Canada this week and that was wonderful. They came over here over 2 years ago on a pastors exchange and spent 6 months with our congregation. Finally we had someone else at church who home schooled. We got very close and had a wonderful time together. My husband tries to talk with the husband every couple of months and loves discussing theological issues. I haven’t talked to my friend (his wife) for ages so it was nice to touch base again. We have made a decision to face time very shortly just the two of us to catch up on each others lives. For this I am grateful for technology, sometimes I am not.

I am glad for technology so that I can write this post and keep in contact with all of you who link up here each Monday. It brings a smile to my face to know that you care enough to stop by.

So without any further ado, onto our linkup.

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Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by. It is such a blessing and I enjoy reading what I can.

This week we are hopefully going to be attending a new course being run at our church called Christianity 101. This is going to be run every Monday night for 6 weeks and is for those people who want to know more about the Bible. We are hoping to attend to support those running it and we hopefully one of our friends will be attending and again you never know what we will learn.

We are off to Melbourne over the weekend for a family seminar, and character building course for our children. We haven’t been to one of these for quite a few years so it will be wonderful to see who is there and meet up with some old friends and hopefully make some new.

Sunday is music exam day, it is unfortunate it is Sunday but it is usually before or after worship which is good.

I have beanies to knit for the granddaughters and I really need to start on these this week. I use a wool that knits up like a fair isle pattern and they normally are really nice.

Otherwise, it is the usual stuff this week, and I really like the usual stuff, staying home, especially when it is cold.

I look forward to hearing from you all again this week and I pray that your days are blessed.

Love to you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


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Welcome to another Good Morning Mondays Link Up. How has your week been??

Thanks to everyone of you who faithfully stop by here each week and link up, and also welcome to any newbies that stop by. I am so enjoying reading the posts and getting to know you all.

I have had a good week although it has been cold and wet.  My routine sort of went out the window earlier in the week due to my husband being home for a couple of days. Time spent with dad is far more important than any lessons we can have.

Tuesday dad decided to take us to Warrnambool to Flagstaff Hill which is a maritime museum and it is set up like a maritime village.

Below is a picture of the village from the front door.


No 2 daughter looking through binoculars at the village

When we got there my husband started talking to the lady at the counter about the Historical Society and some family history stuff, so we didn’t actually go into the village but headed around to the Historical Society to find our more information about his family.

It was probably a good idea not going in as it was freezing and wet and we will most likely go again when the weather is more favourable.

After the History Society we headed out to the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory for lunch and a walk around their museum. We enjoyed looking at the old artefacts and I especially like the dairy and sewing ones.

An old industrial sewing machine and a cobblers machine
This is a Eureka butter printer and weigher.
Milk separator
Butter churns and bottles
Dad and no 2 son enjoying time together

We had a great day and arrived home tired but happy.

I am excited too because we have gotten our milk separator all cleaned up and are hopefully going to be able to separate our milk next week so that I can make butter.

I will only do this once a week as the milk isn’t any good for cheese after the cream has been removed, so the puppies or piglets or chickens will get this milk.

The rest of the week I will make cheddar cheese and some feta. I have made some cheddar this past week and it is tucked away nicely in the cupboard, maturing away. I made a big batch of feta as well and that is great in salads, on pizzas or mince dishes.

Our oldest son spent the week away working with some friends, so the house was rather quiet without him and his puppies were very annoying. They destroyed one of my pot plants (I only have two) and have now been banned from the back veranda.

Saturday morning we had music lessons and now have only two weeks to go until exams. We have to keep on with the practice for the next two weeks, and I am sure that their hard work will pay off.

I had a friend pop out from town on Saturday afternoon which was lovely. I haven’t seen this friend for months so we had a lovely chat and catch up. She is also keen on being self sufficient and farming stuff and I call her the chook whisperer. She is amazing how she can get eggs to hatch in the incubator, far better than I can. I am that bad that my husband has now taken over the incubating, so hopefully we will get more chickens now.

Today, Sunday was a busy day but lovely. We had bible study and church this morning and then we went to friends for an afternoon bible study. We used to get together a few years ago, but life got busy with babies and children and plain old life, so it was nice to be able to sit around the word of God together.

Okay, onto our linkup….

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Thank you to everyone who linked up, I really appreciate all of you. I didn’t quite get every post read but what I did get to I really enjoyed.

This week coming we have our Revelation Bible Study on Tuesday night and we are looking forward to that because we haven’t gotten together for quite a few weeks now.

We have a funeral on Thursday afternoon and music lessons on Saturday morning.  The rest of the week will be spent at home doing school, music practice and I might even do some gardening depending on the weather, and I have some knitting projects that I want to start and finish.

I look forward to hearing from you all again this week and I pray that your days are blessed.

Love to you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

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Welcome everyone to another Good Morning Mondays. We have now been going for 39 weeks and I look forward to this link up each week.

I enjoy all your posts and I know I have said it before, I am learning so much.

It has been a quiet week here and I have been home for most of it. Our younger 2 children had been unwell earlier in the week but are much better now.

My husband and I were invited to a friends house to have a look at some natural cleaning products. I was asked to bring some home made cheese so my husband and I decided to smoke some of our home made pork sausages to see how they would taste.

They were brilliant and very delicious, just like bought kabana.  Here is a photo below of how they looked when they came out of the smoker. They went great with the home made cheese.

We have done a couple batches now and they really don’t last long at all. They are great for a lunch time snack too.

We had a new arrival on the farm a week ago and it has taken me this long to get a photo. This is a picture of our new alpaca, he looks very regal doesn’t he! Unfortunately he isn’t too friendly yet, but we will see how we all go together.


Here is a picture of our No 1 son’s fox terrier puppies. They are so cute.DSC_1714[1]It has been a good week to catch up and hopefully get motivated to do some serious schooling and music work this coming week.

Now onto our link up.

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Thank you to everyone who linked up, the posts are excellent and I enjoy the mix from devotional to farming to cooking.

Like I said before, this week I need to get into some school and music practice. The children have exams in three weeks and we really need to work on scales and technical work, which we all love.

I think I am home all week again, and I need to prune some roses and make some curtains (still).

How have you all been?? I am looking forward to hearing from you again this week and I pray that you are going good.

I hope you all have a great week and that you are blessed as you enjoy your summer holidays or as we are the winter weather.

May God bless you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


Hey there everyone and welcome to another Good Morning Mondays.

It has been a quiet week in the blog world and that was probably a bit good (although I missed you all) as we butchered 9 pigs and cut up 1 cow for our freezers.

I started schooling in the afternoons earlier in the week and I was really pleased with the results. The children were more settled and we actually got heaps done.

I have written up a schedule for them and set up specific times for maths, english and music. We actually are able to fit in more subjects. So thank you to the Farmer’s Wife for her great post which gave me the idea.

On Thursday our son-in-law and daughter and girls came down in the afternoon.  Our No 1 son and son-in-law went wood cutting and brought home a couple of loads of wood, to help keep us warm.

My husbands parents came over in the afternoon as well and my father-in-law helped my husband butcher 3 pigs whilst my mother-in-law chatted to us and talked to the children.

It was a lovely afternoon and we all shared tea together in the evening. Below is a picture of them all at the table.

DSC_1667There were 4 generations sitting around the table together sharing a meal, what a blessing.

In total we butchered 9 pigs over 2 days and we spent Friday cutting and mincing up the pork and then Saturday dealing with the beef.

We made 100 kgs of sausages and then ran out of skins so we have some lovely flavoured mince in the freezer. We smoked all the hocks and soup bones from the pigs and they will be lovely in soups and stews.

We had aged the beef for 3 weeks and the steaks were incredibly tender, and the remainder we minced.  We still have another 2 pigs to butcher but these will be used for bacon and roasts and another younger cow to do for roasts and more steaks. This should see us out then for the rest of the year, it is lovely to not have to buy meat.

Our son-in-law and daughter were able to take home quite a few meals as well, which is wonderful.

Here is our No 1 son and son-in-law working on cutting up the beef.
DSC_1684Here is our back verandah (and our No 1 daughter) where we cut everything up. It was cold but manageable. DSC_1686And now because you only got puppy photos last week I need to share some grandchildren ones this week.

Here is granddad having a cuddle from our sweet oldest granddaughter.
DSC_1697and uncle and niece having a cuddle too.DSC_1694

Okay enough about all of us and onto our link up.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to link up. I am still having some trouble with our internet and I am not sure whether all my comments went through, so I apologize.

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If you didn’t get a chance to read these during this past week pop over and have a look, they were great.

Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and I pray that you are blessed.

I have a quiet week coming up and I am looking forward to continuing our afternoon school routine. Of course I haven’t gotten to the curtains yet and I need to get them done.

I have heaps of inspirations for meals now that I have meat, so I might do a bit of cooking this week and make some pasties and sausage rolls for the freezer.

I hope you all have a great week and that you are blessed as you enjoy your summer holidays or as we are the winter weather.

May God bless you all my friends. xxxx

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


Hey there everyone, welcome to another Good Morning Mondays.

I must admit this past week has been a bit quieter after our excitement from the eisteddfod last week.

I have been feeling really unmotivated and a little bit down. I don’t know why, whether it is the weather, it being winter here or hormones or just me – who knows.

I spoke to an older lady friend at church this morning about it and I said to her in the end, that I will most likely get over it. She agreed.

What !!! no comfort, no words of wisdom, no sympathy?? I guess the best thing was she didn’t tell me to suck it up :-).

(Don’t worry I harbour no hard feelings towards her, I was just having a slight whinge and I will get over it.)

I am glad that my husband doesn’t let me wallow for too long and encourages me to keep on keeping on.

I finished sewing the sleep suit for our friends son and they were really pleased with them and it is wonderful to be able to help out.

I haven’t managed to get the curtains done yet but really need to get a move on as it is quite cold in our sons bedroom.

We didn’t have our sewing afternoon as our youngest son has a cold and just needed to stay put and inside and keep warm. This is hard as he loves being outside.

I haven’t got any grandchildren photos this week but I thought I would post some photos of our No 1 sons puppies. He had 2 bitches who had puppies. One lot are a staghound cross and the puppies are huge at 9 weeks and the others are a jack russell/fox terrier x and they are tiny.

Below is a photo of the stag puppies getting stuck into some cows milk. The cat in the background was in there as well, they seem to get on all right. My husband calls them dish-lickers and he feeds them after he milks the cows in the mornings.


No 2 son is so excited as he gets to keep a staghound bitch for himself and has been testing out various names. The latest being “Reckless” named after the Waltons hound dog.

Now onto our link up.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to link up. I managed to get at least one of everyone’s posts read this week and I am really enjoying reading and stopping by everyone’s blogs. I was so impressed with all that you have to say.

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and my personal favourite…


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Well done to everyone who linked up and I am looking forward to seeing what is on the link up this week.

I am going to try The Farmer’s Wife way of schooling for the next couple of weeks and try afternoon classes instead of the morning ones. Hopefully the children may be more settled and all our chores done before we start.

This week coming starts slow but will be busy by the end of the week. That cow that we have hanging up will be dealt with along with about 12 pigs.

Our son-in-law, daughter and their girls are coming down later in the week to help us process all the meat and make sausages. Hopefully by Saturday afternoon the majority of it will be bagged up in the freezer.

I am going to get some meals made early in the week so that I don’t have to worry about what to cook while we are working. The last thing I feel like doing when we are packing meat is cooking.

I will make a couple of soups and a couple of casseroles to feed the hungry mouths.

It will be wonderful to see our son-in-law, daughter and their family again and I will hopefully have more photos to share next week.

Also a prayer request: If you could remember Glenys Hicks in your prayers. Glenys has a couple of blogs and is having some health struggles.

She writes at Selah Christian Musings and Sacrificial Home Keeper, so if you get a chance pop over and show her some support.

I look forward to hearing from you all and would love to know how you are all going. I hope and pray that you are all well.

Have a great week and may God bless you all.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”