I wrote this last Tuesday night when my son was getting ready to go over to South Australia.  He went on Wednesday morning and arrived back on Thursday night safely.  They had rain over the fire and they were sent home as there was no more work for them.

Thank you Lord that he got home safely and  thank you Lord for the rain.

Acts 14:17 Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness.


As I have been sitting at the computer tonight our No 1 son is preparing to head over to Adelaide in South Australia on a Strike Team to fight fires in the Adelaide Hills with the Country Fire Authority (CFA as called in Victoria – all states have their own titles and acronymns). A Strike Team is a group of about 20 firefighters that travel to another state or area to replace crews that need a break.

They flew them over on a 20 seater plane from out local (small) airport and they are to stay over there for 5 days and come back on Monday sometime.

My husband has done this numerous times in the past years, to Sydney and North of Melbourne.  I have always found it hard when he was away but I understood his need and desire to help.  My husband has a very giving heart and so does our No 1 son.

My husband states that he is getting too old to do these trips, but I think that he is concerned about leaving us at home in the fire season.  He would do an overnight or day shift closer by to help out when needed, but not go away unless he really had too.

Now all this being said, I just don’t want my son to go.  I prayed that God would allow him to stay at home and keep him safe.  I’m not overly protective and I want my children to grow and learn and live their lives the way that God wants them to, but I am admitting to harbouring fear at this time.

I would never stop him from going but I feel so unsettled about it, and unsure.  I won’t go to the airport with him as I don’t want to embarrass him with my tears.  My son is so excited to be able to go and help people and finally put all his training into practice. He has been fighting fires with his father for a year or so now and has gone away on day or night shifts but he has never been away for more than a day.

Now if my husband was sitting here reading this he would say that Fear is not of God, and I agree with him wholeheartedly and there are no buts about it.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Fear is satans way of making me take my eyes off my Lord, and not resting in the fact that our son is in Gods hands.  His plans are perfect and He loves and cares for us more than the sparrows, so I need to step back into His word and allow Him to take care of our son.

Matthew 6:26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

As any mother would probably agree (I hope) this isn’t easy.  We are mothers and mothers love their children and want them to be safe, but holding on to fear isn’t allowing us to love them, it encourages us to smother them.

I am so pleased with the way our No 1 son is growing and how he is becoming as a man.  I am going to try and spend the next 5 days praying that God will bless him and keep him safe and then I am going to try to allow God to do His job.


There were around 30 odd homes destroyed in the Adelaide Hills fire and your prayers for these families would be greatly appreciated. 


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20 thoughts on “A MOTHER’S FEAR”

  1. Father God, I agree with Graeme and Terri in prayer for their son. I ask that a hedge of protection from smoke, heat, and fire be around him and the other fire fighters. I pray that no harm shall come near him. I ask that you put out the fires with your divine hand in whatever way is most expedient. I thank you that you redeem all things and care about our every need.
    Bless this family, Graeme’s desire to protect his family, and comfort Terri’s heart.
    I ask it all in the Holy and Powerful Name of Jesus the Christ, Your Holy Son and our Intercessor and Savior.

  2. My father and 2 brothers live in the fire area. Dad and my second brother (and his wife) were only a few kms from the fire front (Lobethal) and it was scary sitting in another state and listening/watching all the fire news. But I knew that dad (a very wise man of 81) would not do anything silly and would leave if he needed too so I wasn’t frightened or afraid. I just rang dad often to keep up with the latest news.

    For me, I wasn’t scare I was just sad. We all went through Ash Wednesday and almost lost our parents in that terrible fire (far worse than this one) and this fire brought back those horrible memories that really never go away. This fire also caused damage in the little town of Cudlee Creek, my home town and I knew quite a few people who still live there. Fortunately we had only driven through all this area in early December and have wonderful memories of its beauty, which will return as it always does.

    1. Thanks Jo for your comment, it can be hard sitting back and just watching it happen from so far away. I am glad that your family is safe. Before we moved where we live now we lived in Victoria Valley on the other side of the Grampians and we had a fire go up there during the summer. Bush fires are awful and it was a tense time for everyone, fortunately for us the wind turned but it was unfortunate for others. During that time we found it harder for our friends watching and listening on the news because of the inaccuracy of the reports. Thankfully we got through it safely and since then we have moved south about 40 mins and don’t live near the bush. After the fire turned and nearly burned out Halls Gap we had to drive through it to go to Melbourne and even after a couple of weeks the regrowth was amazing. God restores in such a beautiful way. Blessings

  3. Praying for protection and God’s comfort. Be brave, mama. This is one of the hard, hard things. Asking God to walk you through it and keep your son safe.
    visiting from Monday’s Musings link up

  4. This is what I call one of those bittersweet times… I never knew what that word really meant until more recent years…. being concerned about a son’s welfare… but oh, so proud of him also.. brings the word’s meaning out.

  5. It’s always so hard to let go of those we love most and really trust them to God’s care. I’m glad to read your report that he is home safely. Prayers for those affected by the fire. Thank you for linking at Unforced Rhythms.

  6. I know your fears, friend. My son, while not on a Strike Force, so not living as dangerously as yours, is the Fire Chief in town. As Chief, he doesn’t really go into the fires now, which is cause for relief in this mom, but there was a time, right after 9/11 that he had a fierce desire to become a paid NYC firefighter. He took the test, scored pretty high and never got called. Now he’s too old (30). I was glad. His dad tried to talk him out of it, but I knew that it was something he had to do. People ask me, “Don’t you worry every time you hear the whistle blow?” No, because I could never live in that kind of fear, and I trust that God has got him in the palm of his hand. I wondered for a long time if my heart was callous because I didn’t worry, but I think my heart was softened toward trusting God. Thanks for sharing that, Terri.

    1. Thanks for sharing your heart Mary I really appreciate it. It is wonderful how you have put your son into God’s trusting hands. Thanks for the inspiration to do the same. Blessings.

  7. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability. It is not easy to watch our babies take risks, or even to pray that they would ever come across any difficulties. Yet lately I have been stirred up by God that my prayers for my little ones should be that they are bold and courageous and strong–always standing up for good and always running after God no matter what that may mean. I don’t always want to pray this, but it is what I truly want for my kids. That they would be lionhearted for their Lord. Thanks for voicing my thoughts. 🙂

  8. Oh, my heart aches for those families whose homes were destroyed by the fire. I will definitely pray for them.

    I can so relate to your mama’s heart concerning your son, as my son is a police officer. It truly is bittersweet. <3


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