When we had our weekend away our children had the opportunity to have a fly on some high ropes, it was basically a big swing in the air.


Here is our youngest son (7 years old) in his harness ready to go. He wasn’t afraid at all, he trusted that his father and brother and the other men on the end of the rope lifting him up and letting him down were going to look after him.


These are the men who kept him safe, they are taking their harnesses off after they swung him. My husband and his father is on the left. He’s the handsome one along with our no 1  son on the far right.

Below is our son up in the air about 10 metres (30 feet).  He even let go of his harness at one stage and put his arms out.  He really enjoyed this. DSC_1109

He did admit later that it was a bit scary when he first went up but he thought it was great fun, and would have done it again if we would have had the time.

I want that type of faith. The pure swing me in the air God and I will trust you although it may be scary type of faith.

I want that simple trusting faith without all the baggage that comes with being an adult.

What lessons we can learn from our children.

Matthew 18:3  and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.



33 thoughts on “A CHILD’S FAITH…”

  1. Yes, I have had this thought more than once, even where my children’s faith in ME is concerned. I want to be worthy of their faith, but I also want to emulate their trust in my relationship with my heavenly Father. Glad to meet you this morning at Motivate and Rejuvenate!

  2. Great post! It made me think how much our kids look to us as examples in their life. They will know no different if we don;t show them. But at the same time they show us much more than they know!

  3. I have been praying and meditating about child’s faith, what Jesus did exactly mean by it. And I think this is perfect example of giving yourself over because you have faith that everything will be perfect and fun and it will go the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you!

  4. To have the faith of a child! Today this reminds me of the things I need to trust God with and stop being discouraged by the circumstances I do not understand. I need this encouragement today especially. Some days we need these reminders.

  5. I too have longed for that kind of faith that frees us to fly through the challenges and opportunities in total trust and peace that God has got us. I’m coming along, but kids truly are an amazing inspiration. Visiting from Grace and Truth today!

  6. Hi Terri, there is so much we can learn from children. If we can live free and happy, forgiving and loving, growing and learning like kids we will be better people.
    I love the perspective to this article.
    Thanks a lot and God Bless.

  7. How freeing it would be if we could have the faith of little children! What a good lesson. Glad I was your neighbor this week at The Weekend Brew.

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