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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

I’m back again which shows that I haven’t mucked up the internet again, although I haven’t got it totally working right. I think we may need to update some of our hardware and that’s a bit scary but I guess we’ll work it out.

Althought it is windy and chilly today we have been having some awesome spring days with cool mornings and the most beautiful sunshiny days. It makes you just want to get out and dig in the garden. Our seedlings are coming along and we are just days away from planting them out. We have another couple of frosts due this week so we are just hanging off on the tomatoes at the moment.

My amazing husband has corn coming up already and the potatoes he planted earlier in the hay are sprouting nicely as well. When we have a frost now it’s not too severe so it doesn’t get up on the raised beds or on the bales of hay which is good.

The grass has been growing too, very quickly and my husband has put our youngest son onto the mowing job. He just loves using the rider mower and is keen to keep at it. The yard is looking so much nicer now that it has been mowed too.

The chooks have been laying heaps of eggs and I finally got around to making pickled eggs. They are completed and in the jar in the fridge maturing for another few days and I’m quietly excited to taste them.We’ve had a good week, although they are passing very quickly. We had book group and had read about Anna Zwingli this past week and Katie Luther the fortnight before. Both women have inspired us and amazed us at their resilience and dedication to their marriages and families. They both had generous and caring hearts which have encouraged me to try and be likewise.

We also met for sewing as well and are well over half way to our goal of 100 kits. I’m not sure if we’ll make the goal by the end of the year but we are trying. We enjoy meeting when we can, there is lots of laughter and Godly encouragement.

The children had their Bible Study on Friday afternoon as well and they enjoyed that. Our minister and family are back from their long service leave so this coming week our Bible Study will start again. Music lessons are back on and our youngest son is busy preparing for his exam in a months time.

I also got to meet with my friend this week and we have been working our way through Psalm 119. We’ve only gotten through 2 verses and that has led us to deep conversations on what God’s statutes are, interesting and good.

Okay onto our link up…

Our top three this week were…

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

This coming week is upon us and we’ve got Bible Studies and school and piano practice and we’ve got work and gardening, so a busy week.

My husband is busy building a hand weeding tool so I’m excited to see that finished this week and I’m sure he will be keen to use it too, so look out weeds.

What’s happening in your part of the world at the moment??? Are you planting or preparing for winter???

I have challenged my self to memorise Psalm 119 so I will be working on that. Psalm 119:11 has led me to memorise more. It says: I have hid Your word in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

That really inspired me to have God’s word right there so when I’m having those thoughts or conversations in my head that aren’t very nice I can stop and quote scripture, that’s my theory and I’m challenged to do it. As wives and mothers there are times when those mundane tasks leave us with too much thinking time, and this is a great way to channel that time into God and not the world.

May you all be blessed this week as you seek God’s will for your days. xxx



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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

I owe you all a big apology for not getting back to this link up when I said I would. I somehow blocked myself off the internet and being the tech savvy person I am (not) I’ve only just worked it out. It’s not totally fixed but it’s on it’s way.

It’s also been a busy few weeks getting our spring butchery completed and we are only just finishing off smoking the bacon.

We had a great time over the few days that it took, though we were tired. The gang worked really hard and in the end we have very full freezers of beautiful, non chemical meat.

Our no 1 son making sausages
The first day was realy cold, which was perfect for the meat but not the processors.

It’s been busy since then, with my husband working hard to get the ground prepared for vegetables. He and our no 2 son have been planting potatoes, peas and pumpkins. This coming week they’ll get in the corn and some more pumpkins.

No 2 son on the back of the potato planter

We’ve had more piglets this week and they are about to be moved into the woolshed where they can be contained for a bit until they get bigger.

I’ve been busy in the hot house raising seedlings which I am finding so exciting. My amazing husband set up the trays for me so that the seedlings can be watered more easily, and it’s so great. I have pricked out nearly 300 tomato seedlings and they are busy growing so that we can get them in the ground in early November. The weather has been quite warm for this time of the year but we are also getting some rain and some cooler days, so really good actually.

Seedlings in the hot house

We can still get frosts up until November so we won’t be planting our tomatoes before then (lost heaps years ago). I’m hoping to start hardening off the other seedlings this week and then I’ll be raising more.

It’s also almost that time of the year to harvest our honey and my honey has been sorting out the bees and catching a new swarm (one of ours died out). They say it’s been a bad year for bees but hopefully things are looking up now.

Well there’s been heaps of other stuff happening and all our outside activities are back on after school holidays. We’ve had our first book group with our second one next week. We all enjoyed reading about Katie Luther and her life and her dedication to God’s word and her husband and family, quite inspirational.

I won’t do a top three this week, I’ll start that next week.

This coming week we have our book group on Thursday afternoon and the Days 4 Girls ladies sewing group will be meeting in the morning. We are almost half way to our 100 kit goal and are finding the going a lot quicker now that we’ve had practice.

The children have their Bible Study on Friday afternoon and before that I will meet with my friend to look at Psalm 119. Saturday is piano lessons and the usual work around here, Sunday church and we start the week off again.

We’ll be tidying up the raised beds to start planting hopefully in a week’s time and the onion patch is mainly grass so I would like to get on top of that too. We will be doing school and music practice and the other usual chores we have.

Well my friends I’m sorry again for not coming back sooner and I’ve been thinking of you often and I’m hoping you are well.

I’ve got a couple of posts in my head at the moment and I’m hoping to get them out this week.

May God bless you all xxx